Thursday, December 28, 2006

thebowl.challenge: now it's time to get serious

All right, we've waded through the sea of (uncommonly crappy, I think -- through nine games, only one has been decided by fewer than 12 points, and only two games have been decided by fewer than seventeen points; average score of bowls played so far: 33 to 14) early-bowl-season matchups between Buttfuck State and Pig's Knuckle Tech, we're getting down to the good stuff: five consecutive days of wall-to-wall football (well, except Sunday, but everyone will be too drunk to think about that. Didn't there used to be more games on New Year's Eve?), and then a straggling couple of days of football after that, leading up to The Other The Game. As such, I have a feeling that the pick 'em standings will be due for some hefty changes pretty much every day. Not that it matters, since Jeff is running away and hiding at this point, but it'll be worth checking it out, at least.

And can someone please explain to me how the FUCK Florida State, who would need a flashlight helmet, pliers, and a goddamn map to find their own assholes on offense, somehow goes out and hangs 44 points on a defense that, last we saw them, was battering Booty and holding Mark May's masturbation fodder to 9 points? How could UCLA get all that pressure on J.D. Bootzilla and then only come up with one measly fucking sack and get positively torched against a Florida State offense that could charitably be described as "below average"? The West Coasters now stand at 0-3 this bowl season, losing (to two mid-majors and Florida Fucking State) by scores of 38-8, 41-24, and 44-27. Fucking Pac 10. You pussies.

So ... three games today, five(!) tomorrow, three again Saturday (why five on Friday and only three on Saturday? Am I crazy or does that make no sense?), then on to the New Year. Here's how things stand as of this morning:

1Easy Bake Dutch OvenNipsey7-2352139
2The House That Funk BuiltS. Lawrence5-4298125
3Wells=FumblitisT. Lyon6-3349117
4Neary EntryMike7-2401116
5Moyer EntryKristin5-4341112
6Break of DawnJ. Morgan6-3379108
8Doodle Von TaintstainThe Diddy6-3383101
9I Have a Raging ClueJack Fu5-439191
10Neary EntryMike's wife, Joanna5-438986
11Milford ManFred7-242885
12Schilly-Mac with CheeseSchill7-242081
13Nyholm EntryM. Nyholm7-244373
14Tobias Funke, AnalrapistReader Wise5-438567
15Jolly ShepherdJoe Schultz5-440261


At 11:03 AM, December 28, 2006, Blogger The Diddy said...

I think EVERYONE picked FSU to lose, and rightfully so. I had a feeling about that game, everything pointed to UCLA winning, so I almost went with FSU, but instead I picked UCLA with a huge confidence. *Sigh*


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