Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi, I'm the Dur

A little about me. OSU grad '00 and I like to taunt, but I'm working on it. I was once flagged for it in a 2nd grade spelling bee (Sadly it was last year when I was substitute teaching the class).

Bowl weeks are upon us. Last year I finished near the top of the pick'em. I would have won if USC had ever played a real opponent to prepareany defense at all. The problem I make with picking games is that if I haven't followed a team very much this season I think of the one losing score I saw on the bottom line back in September. "That team won't win, they only beat Army by 14!" The problem we have is letting our hearts get in the way of our picks. I know a few of you out there think Iowa can actually beat Texas just because they're from the Big Ten.
Practice the skill of picking on games that don't matter. I watched the Division III bracket because I knew nothing about those teams. Plus I just wanted to see what college football would be like without all thoseblack guys scholarships. I play too many fantasy sports but the one I do best in is NHL. I have no idea who I'm picking I just look at the numbers. My team name is "Hockeysux" so that when I win the random online league (2 years in a row now), I taunt the rest of the 19 strangers who I beat. Pretend it's like finding a woman...but only one to cook for you. She's probably not as attractive, but if you look at her carefully it becomes obvious...she likes to eat. Sure there are those other chicks who have nearly perfect bodies (except the fingernails on their "purgin" hand), but do they make a winner? No. Take the chick (team) who has been bred (coached) to cook (play hard) and you will score (pick the right team). Now I have to get back to work (waste company time).


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