Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Issues (think about, think-think about it)

The Illinois Debacle Issue: Not surprisingly, The Ozone has some salient analysis on OSU's "get up 17 then go run and hide" escape last Saturday in Champaign. Was it a confluence of conservative playcalling and the absence of left tackle Alex Boone? Absolutely, they say. Keith over at Buckeye Commentary did a little MythBusting in the aftermath as well.

The Beanie Issue: Yes, I've said on what I believe were numerous occasions that I think "Beanie" is a stupid nickname and completely unworthy of a player with the potential of Chris Wells. But in the service of economy of language, that's what I'm calling him. What the hell will Tressel do with fumble machine Chris Wells? I expect to see him relatively often this week against Northwestern, but what about football armageddon in a week and a half? Tressel has always been pretty forgiving about mistakes like this (up to a point - remember last year, when Schnittker was being used as a tailback inside the ten, only he kept fumbling? Tress gave him multiple chances, then hit a certain point where he just said "that's it, we can't put up with this anymore."), but the question is, where will he draw the line? Also, consider last year's Michigan game, where OSU dominated early play and was driving while up 9-0 when Maurice Wells came in and lost a fumble on his first carry, leading to a short-field Michigan touchdown and a much tighter game than it was looking to be up to that point? I'd be shocked if Tressel doesn't remember it. The question is, what does he do about it?

The Louisville Issue: Should they get to the title game if they win out? It's become more of a "Big East" issue, and is a subject that has certainly piqued SMQ's interest over the past week.

Crap, I have to go. What does y'all think about the issues above, or even about homeless guys with cutlery in their lower bodies?


At 8:05 PM, November 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would somebody please...remove these...cutleries..from my knees...We're talking about the issues..but we're keepin' it funky. Don't touch the monkeys!


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