Sunday, December 31, 2006

thebowl.challenge: THINGS GON' CHANGE

Since we're down to the last 12 games of the bowl season, all the people who didn't adjust their confidence points are about to start making big-ish moves into the top 15. Example: Evan is finally knocking on the door at #16, and my mom and dad, who created one pick set, have seen their sterling 17-3 record so far finally push them up to #14. If they keep up that pace, they'll run away with this thing (they still have a "max" of 510, for Christ's sake).

For the second straight year, Iowa was the victim of some game-swinging questionable officiating decisions. Last year there was the hilariously terrible "offsides" penalty on the onside kick against Florida, and this year the Hawks got victimized by an iffy "too many men on the line penalty" which took away a TD that would have put them up 21-3 and probably would have ended the game, judging by how flaky non-Vince-Young-led Mack Brown teams have been. And then there was the non-review of the play where Selvin Young ran out of bounds while Texas was trying to kill the clock. Kirk Ferentz and the rest of the Hawkeye fan base must be mighty emotional about referees right now. Still, helluva showing from Iowa -- that was essentially what everyone was expecting from them going into this year, so where the hell was that team against Indiana and everybody else? As Fiu pointed out this morning, the Big Ten should get more credit for this game than we're likely to: a 2-6 Big Ten team hung in for the full 60 against what was probably the Big 12's best team this year. What are the odds of that kind of credit coming? Jack and shit, and Jack left town.

1Wells=SpaghettiT. Lyon15-5133305
2THE WESTENDER RETURNSThe Caveman14-6169275
3The House That Funk BuiltS. Lawrence13-7120252
4Break of DawnJ. Morgan15-5254147
5Easy Bake Dutch OvenNipsey14-6192248
6Neary EntryMike14-6220231
7Schilly-Mac with CheeseSchill15-5239229
8Joel Agrees w/ Mel GibsonRob Durham14-6245227
9I Have a Raging ClueJack Fu12-8228225
10Nyholm EntryM. Nyholm13-7224213
11Doodle Von TaintstainThe Diddy13-7237207
12Tobias Funke, AnalrapistReader Wise14-6234194
13Stupid Spoiled WhoreKristin10-10174193
14Moyer EntryDi17-3318192
15Milford ManFred12-8232176


At 1:18 PM, December 31, 2006, Blogger Cave said...

Hey pal, I'm not here to comment on your football bla bla, but to commend you on the Army of Darkness reference. Brings back great memories. Hey..uh..What's that you got on your face...

At 1:21 AM, January 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dammit...I worked hard to get such a piss poor record and you can't even put up my name on your bowl standings. Come on...I got killed in Fantasy the Super Snaves's some love


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