Friday, December 29, 2006

Beavers and Balls

The girlfriend who I live with went to Mizzou, actually dated Truman Tiger while she was there, but when I called to tell her that her team was up 14 with just over 6 minutes left she didn't care. It's like she knew not to get too emotionally invested in college football's version of the Reds (week 7 = June). So with time winding down...or at least trying to wind down the Tigers threw 2 passes. It's not like they had a running back with 200 yards rushing, he only had 194 (easy on the sarcasm, Chandler (easy on the Friends reference, queer)). So of course as we all "sawl" the Beavers drive down to tie it up make the ballsiest call in Sub Bowl history. I should know, I took Sun Bowl History 101 and 213 in college because Coop was still coaching and I thought we could somehow end up there someday. This outcome was ironically symbolic to my pick for the game. I switched my pick to Oregon State at the last minute. I'm back in the top 15 ahead of Reader Wise and his anti-semantic ways.


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