Friday, December 29, 2006

thebowl.challenge: Cal won a bowl game!

I'm still not sure that I believe it, either, but that's what the scoreboard says. Tedford now has his biggest win since 2003, and Cal's first victory over a better-than-bad non-Pac 10 team since forever. Welcome to 2007's preseason top-5, Bars. I can't wait to see how you blow it.

In other semi-news, we had some shaking up in the challenge, even as then-clubhouse-leader Jeff had a 2-1 day. Wha happen? Well, we can now see; since the picks are locked and final, everyone can look at everyone else's picks. And current leader "T. Lyon" got extremely fat off of Rutgers and Cal, his/her 32- and 24-point games, respectively. Other big movers last night: Break of Dawn (3-0 for 42 points), Joanna (2-1 for 41 points), and new-ish blogtributor Dur (3-0 for 50 points). But the biggest mover of the day was current #2 Schill, who went 3-0, accumulating 68(!) points. That's a shitload of confidence on Rutgers and Cal (31 and 27), and apparently it was well worth it. Would that we were all so enlightened.

So I have very little to say about an afternoon and evening that featured three blowouts, one of which eventually turned into the bowl season's current frontrunner for "best game," due entirely to special teams fuckups by Oak State. But the 'Pokes ended up winning, ruining John Tanner Cody Parker Esteemed Penis Mansome Jefferson Wilson the 3rd, Esq.'s big trip to, uh, Shreveport. Lovely Shreveport.

Oh, and Pittman and Wells are fine and will be playing in the Not Fiesta Bowl. Huzzah. But you're still stupid, guys.

1Wells=FumblitisT. Lyon8-4274173
2Break of DawnJ. Morgan9-3337150
3Schilly-Mac with CheeseSchill10-2352149
4The House That Funk BuiltT. Lawrence7-5254147
5Easy Bake Dutch OvenNipsey9-3341146
6Stupid Spoiled WhoreKristin7-5301142
7Neary EntryMike9-3365140
8THE WESTENDER RETURNSThe Caveman8-4345131
9Neary EntryMike's wife, Joanna7-5326127
10Doodle Von TaintstainThe Diddy8-4346124
11Milford ManFred9-3382120
12I Have a Raging ClueJack Fu7-5361119
13Joel Agrees w/ Mel GibsonRob Durham8-4389108
14Nyholm EntryM. Nyholm8-4384100
15Tobias Funke, AnalrapistReader Wise8-435894


At 3:13 PM, December 29, 2006, Blogger Nipsey said...

Okay, so I'm at work trying to keep up with today's bowl games. I'm merely reading the box score of (not listening or watching) the Music City Bowl, and I can't stop laughing. It's halftime and the following things happened in the first 30 minutes:

5 turnovers
4 of those turnovers happened in a span of 7 plays
1 blocked punt
1 converted fake punt
1 missed extra point
0 made field goals
3 missed field goals from whopping distances of 38, 36, and 28 yards

Are we sure Reggie Ball's not involved in this one?

Speaking of Ball, check out what Fiu at had to say this week (caution - horrifying memories ahead):
"In response to my request last week for readers to submit their choices for the most ineffective, longtime starting quarterback in recent college football history, in comparison to Georgia Tech’s Reggie Ball, based on the number of responses …
5. Damien Allen, Vanderbilt
4. Chris Rix, Florida State
3. Andrew Zow, Alabama
2. Jamie Howard, LSU

And number one in a landslide, getting more votes than everyone else combined …
1. Steve Bellisari, Ohio State
While he went a respectable 19-13 as a starter, that doesn’t quite get the job done at Ohio State. Was it just luck that the Buckeyes won the national title the year after his era? Completing 51% of his passes, and just 45% in his senior year with 35 career touchdowns and 29 interceptions, he was truly mediocre. Ending his career with a DUI didn’t help the legacy."


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