Monday, January 01, 2007

Way to go Big Ten

So what are we good at, men's volleyball? I chose Michigan in the Stew because for almost 50 days all I heard was how they should be given another shot at us. Not only did they get drilled, they took it like me that loser on the playground who never fought back. 2 plays come to mind by the classy WR's of USC (keeping with title of this blog, I refuse to learn a player's name from the PAQ-10). The first was a touchdown where the player pointed at his defender as he coasted into the endzone a la David Boston. Why was there no penalty for taunting? Sadly, there was a penalty on the Michigan dweeb who "got even" by throwing all five feet nine inches of himself to the lower legs of the receiver. He was brushed off but still earned a 15 yard penalty which led to a short kickoff splitting the uprights and hundreds of spoiled USC students saying texting to each other, "Give us 3 more!" The next instance was another nice catch into double coverage. After he was down he handed the ball to the Michigan secondary as if to say, "Here, now you can touch it." No penalty there either. So Michigan gets beaten down, blatantly taunted twice, and comes out minus 15 yards in the ordeal. Way to make the conference look like Oregon State and even worse, ruin the chances of "Joel Agrees with Mel Gibson" to wear the crown. I will now randomly taunt Michigan blogs unpenalized (please pronounce as pee-nahl).


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