Sunday, January 21, 2007

How many years do we get this?

I didn't get to see the game yesterday because I don't get ESPNU. I was left to check updates on my cellphone or as my girlfriend calls it, "Hazardous driving that's going to fucking kill us!" I also read the AP article which was apparently written from an extensive interview with Steve Alford.
t3h linkz0rz

Hearing Alford reminded me a lot of JoePa in one of those press conferences in the past where we beat the shit out of his team. He raves about our team to avoid bitching about his own.

Anyway, the point is Oden was amazing. Let's look at his shot chart from this 12-13 performance...(When I cut and paste the shot chart the shots disappear)

t3h ch4rtz0rz

So if you go to the chart and enter Oden it appears that he has a "circle" in the rim and an x from around the block. Upon further review, he was 9-9 on dunks, 3-3 on layups (which are all represented by said circle) and 1 miss was from 5 feet away (as well as 5-5 from the line). It's no wonder Alford was so in love with him. Sorry Steve, he's going to the dance with us. (Who wrote that line, a high school newspaper editor?)

How many years will we have this blessing? He's almost too good to be true as far as being smart. He's not going to end up in handcuffs. He doesn't care about stats and is always thanking his teammates first. I believe we'll see at least 2 years. We won't win it all this year as we've seen how immature our team can be. I just hope they get a good run in the tourny though to game some experience and become hungry for next year. Where's the Final Four at in 2008?

So answer many years will he "be ours?"


At 8:32 PM, January 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think (hope?) that Mr. Oden stays for a second year. Although, passing up first pick money will be next to impossible. Maybe we should all write Mr. Oden (love) letters, encouraging him to stay for another year. Why do i keep referring to him as "Mr. Oden"? Easy, my mother always taught me to respect my elders. By the way, the 2008 Final Four is in San Antonio. Karl Malone will be there hunting little mexican girls. This year it's in Atlanta. God's Linebacker will be there murdering people (again).

-Reader Wise

At 5:04 PM, January 22, 2007, Blogger Sean said...

Much as I hope he'd stick around for several years, I expect him to be gone after this season. He's already been injured once, he'd have to be crazy to pass up millions of dollars to risk a second injury.

That said, I hope he's crazy. We're bringing in a second 7-footer next year, and one more the year after that. Imagine having three giants on the court for the Buckeyes at the same time. Good times.

At 10:46 AM, January 23, 2007, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Fuck. I wrote a huge response comment here, but fucking Blogger ate it so here's the gist:

1.) Oden = gone
2.) '06-'07 Buckeye ballers = final four material, but not close to their potential. Yet.

At 2:47 PM, January 25, 2007, Blogger The Dur said...

Oden now has 6 games where he has missed zero or just 1 shot. I think I'm gay for him.


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