Monday, January 15, 2007

thebowl.arrrggh: final standings grrrrrr arrrggh fuck

Okay, so ... nothing at all about The Game To Which We Shall Henceforth Never Refer. Just updating the standings to reflect how we finished up. Congrats to T. Lyon, who I guess is one of Jeff's buddies. He held off everyone because he picked Florida to win (Jeff, why are you friends with him/her?) -- if OSU had won THAT GAME ARRGGGHH, three people would have passed him/her. As it is, however, Mr./Mrs. "T. Lyon," you are the winner. "You're the first place / You're the first place / You're the first place boy or girl!!"

Also, to put a bow in the Adam saga, he didn't finish last. Despite the fact that she finished with a 16-16 record, Katey managed to lose to Smaves and his 14-18 mark, by a final margin of 253-242, point totals which placed the two in the ninth and sixth percentiles, respectively.

In other less-painful Buckeye-related news, the hoops team beat Tennessee on Saturday after Ron Lewis showed up and hit a 3 with 11 seconds left. Todd and I lamented afterward about how this OSU squad is frighteningly representative of the "young and wildly talented, but stupid" types of teams that he and I have been ripping on and rooting against since before forever. It doesn't feel good. We still have no idea of hw to attack a zone (quick tangent: midway through the first half, I almost had a heart attack because Othello Hunter flashed to the high post, received a pass from the wing, and instantly lofted a perfect dish to Oden for an easy score. It was the only time I've seen us play that little high-low game all season, which is a tad frustrating because, I don't mean to exaggerate here, but THESE GUYS COULD DO THAT ALL GAME EVERY GAME AND NO ONE WOULD BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT GODDAMMIT.), and Jamar Butler still doesn't seem to have figured out exactly where the hell he fits in with this team. They're so infuriating to watch because the potential's there for this to be an all-time-great OSU team, but they just ... they don't seem to know what they're doing. I just keep trying to remind myself that they're freshmen and that they're ostensibly still learning how to play, but seriously, they should know by now. Come on, Thad.


1Wells=SpaghettiT. Lyon23-940295.4
2Break of DawnJ. Morgan23-939091.1
3I Have a Raging ClueJack Fu21-1138588.6
4Easy Bake Dutch OvenNipsey22-1037381.7
5Joel Agrees w/ Mel GibsonRob Durham21-1137079.8
6Nyholm EntryM. Nyholm20-1235670.1
6Tobias Funke, AnalrapistReader Wise23-935670.1
8THE WESTENDER RETURNSThe Caveman21-1135468.7
9Doodle Von TaintstainThe Diddy20-1234965.0
10Neary EntryMike20-1234763.6
11Schilly-Mac with CheeseSchill22-1034058.3
12The House That Funk BuiltS. Lawrence20-1233756.0
13I'll Beanie U!Scooter20-1232144.0
14Moyer EntryDi22-1031942.6
15Milford ManFred19-1331539.8


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