Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's getting to be about that time...

I haven't made up my mind yet whether or not I will do the third annual "how to fill out a bracket, AKA Jack's annual attempt to look even stupider than he usually does," so I'd appreciate a little feedback from both of you who still read this. It may be coming, it may not. Also, what the hell, maybe I'll do a liveblog/running diary/SOC of the Bucks' first round game in the B10 tourney. WHIMSY! TO THE TIN!!

Also, a couple of things got me thinking recently: Brian over at MGo said in a post of his something about the backetBucks being "hideously overrated," or something to that effect, and one of the commenters wondered where OSU ranks nationally in terms of BTW's wildly interesting "efficiency margin" semi-stat. Since I'm a nerd and I'm bored, I used his tempo-free aerials to find out what every "power" conference team's margin was this conference season. As The Man himself has noted, these rankings may or may not be an adequate predictor of tourney success, but they're like, neat and stuff. Anyway, here's the nation's top 20 (or 21) teams in terms of efficiency margin this season (conference games only):

2North Carolina.17
4Ohio State.16
5Texas A&M.15
9Louisville (?!).12
12Washington State.09
14Notre Dame.08
16Michigan State.06
16Southern Cal.06
19Mississippi State.05

So, what the hell does this mean? Probably nothing concrete, but it's interesting and fun to look at the breakdowns of conferences, like which conferences have some bottom-feeders that everyone gets fat off of (the Big Ten) and which appear to be fairly even (the SEC). Whatever.

Also, for people who have grown weary of "Lost"'s meandering, go-nowhere plots, the following video is pure gold.


At 6:30 PM, March 08, 2007, Anonymous Break of Dawn said...

I look forward to tomorrow's S.O.C.


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