Saturday, March 31, 2007

pregame jitters

Let's face it, none of us our all that confident are we? I've just been passing the time today on CBS. Earlier they showed Charles Barkley Serena Williams win another tournament. They did a half hour special on whether college athletes should get paid. Of course a certain #11 had to weigh in on that matter. They already get paid, plenty! cash, grades, and women. Speaking of point shavers there was a scandal by some Toledo Rockets this week. Wow, who the hell bets on those games anyway? Who would care enough to arrange that scandal (probably the mayor of Detroit).

Anyway, I'm going to do a game blog similar to the way I did it for the Super Bowl. I'll take my notes and hopefully won't need to call my therapist with 6 minutes left. (I had an appointment earlier this week so I'm feeling good)

So in a matter of hours the story could be "A BCS rematch! (fuck)" Otherwise, I'm rooting for Georgetown on Monday.


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