Saturday, March 31, 2007

Georgetown proving to be dumber-er than us

Leslie Visser greeted me with a haircut that answered a lot of, "What does Princess Leah look like just after she wakes up?" Scared from that, and tired of hearing everyone picking against us, I change it to ESPN to watch what basketball looks like when no one bends their knees on defense...the NBA. Cavs win!

The Final Four is probably the most expensive ticket to get because it's actually 3 games. Once upon a time, in nintey-four '99 Reader Wise and I made our way down there with 2 friends. We picked up our four 10th row seats, took about 5 steps and were offered $8,000 for the 4. We declined and were forever given a license to boo any OSU athlete anytime we felt they needed it. Not many 21 year olds turn down $2000. (We then sold the UCONN vs. Duke tickets for $250 each as that was sure to be a Duke blowout victory)
I don't regret the decision, I got to brush my hand along Heather Benedict's ass and Reader Wise got to practice his wrestling holds on a 95 pound girl. Anyway, the Final Four is a big deal and I'm trying to get over the fact that 8 years later in my life I would gladly take the two grand. Onto the game-eage. TBDBITL got to play the National Anthem showing that we love America more than the Hoyas. Ahh, getting settled in unannoyed with CBS for the most part as long as Seth Davis doesn't perform some stupid limerick. Oh.

Before I can say, "Why didn't I buy any beer for this game?" Oden picks up his second "foul." It's like it's our gameplan or something. We're like the hare who insists on screwing ourselves instead of getting a big lead. And my local CBS station lets off a series of 16 beeps and shows a giant map of the Missouri/Illinois area getting some THUNDERSTORMS! What's the score? I can't tell, they're listing a dozen counties that no one lives in! EVERY 5 MINUTES I GET 16 BEEPS AND A LIST OF COUNTIES THAT SIMPLY MUST BE INFORMED IT'S RAINING IN CASE THEY DIDN'T HAVE WINDOWS!

Onward...Wow, it's nice to finally play a team not shooting 90% from 3 point range in the first half. Twig is in the game and God bless his little heart he's holding his hand in the air while he posts up like someone's going to feed it to him. "Low post suicide" is what we call that formation...put it down Matt, we're not playing Youngstown State. He does eventually get a rather feminine looking tip in.

We jump out to a 14-7 lead...See that Tressel? Speaking of not so good coaching decisions, our worst lineup ever takes the floor and let the runners begin! We miss 7 in a row but then Hibbert picks up his second foul on an obvious takedown the next possession.

Commercial update...Bud Lite releases 6th (and hopefully final installation) of its "what if our fridge was crazy and somehow kept getting more Bud Lite?" series.
Holy shit, is that Crispin from Penn State in a Coke commercial? Is he banging the CEO's daughter? Do they actually screen these stupid Coke stories and find real ones? (everyone else's was a lie?) Will Mike (or was it Matt?) Stenginga have one soon?

We give up an easy basket on the last play of the half as Conley seems to be the only one playing zone, thus leaving his man wide open. We look lost on defense a lot of times but damn, it must be the James Worthy strategy because they keep throwing it to us.

3 point lead at halftime, Oden is mute but rested.

We start the 2nd half in the worst excuse for zone defense I've ever seen, or at least since January 8th. PLAY MAN!
Oden comes back in with the game still in control, Packer suggests a rest after 8 minutes of playing (uh, no)...oops should've, 3rd foul. Our offense continues to stall as the only movement on the next time down the floor is Hunter's pivot foot. Shortly after, perhaps play of the game and a good call, Hibbert picks up his 4th foul giving the Hemlich maneuver.
I ponder using the mute button after hearing the phrase, "Alabama rainmaker."

Georgetown is just...stupid. I knew there was a reason I wanted to play them instead of Carolina. Did Cook skip curfew last night? 7 minutes for the game. Sideshow Matt is sweatier than him (mostly from the back of Hibbert, but still).

Did anyone ever play Tecmo basketball? It was pretty simple, hit B within layup range and your guy dunked it. That's a lot like Oden's offensive strategy...and he must have hit B from the foul line on that one, thanks for calling that a block.

The Hoyas get their 2nd goaltending violation...Patrick Ewing smiles. Here's a new stat I made up. Ron Lewis leads the game with about 7 of them under the category of WTF's. We're up 6, just missed a 3, get the rebound and with 30+ seconds left on the shot clock Ron "Did you ever know that I'm your hero" Lewis chucks a 3...and why not? (He ended up 1-8 for the game, thanks for taking Butler's spot)

Greg Oden shoots what some folks call a "ju-ump-er?" And hits! That's the final sign of the apocalypse if you're Georgetown...Terwilliger has points and Oden's hitting from almost 20 feet...good night.

"Lighty gets the and one" and I rack myself in excitement! Ouch.

We come out of the time out with a good set play to get a high percentage shot off showing that Thad should be coach of the years having Butler shoot a 32 footer.

And with a few made free throws we continue on. We still haven't had all 5 starters play a great game at once. Our defense was good when we weren't in our 2-2-0-1-0 zone.

As UCLA's game starts Noah's got her pony tale all tied up and she's ready to make more of the most annoying, overplayed highlites. Go UCLA? If they win I believe Reader Wise wins the brackets.


At 3:01 PM, April 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

believe it or not, but i had on that exact same t-shirt yesterday as i do in the picture you posted. it's not quite as nice as it was in 1999, and has a few more holes in it than it did 8 years ago, but i proudly wore it out to the bar. normally i'm not a resident of the LEBO, but something makes me feel good about this game. i can't explain why, and whenever i talk to someone about it, all i can do is talk about how we're going to lose and all the stuff we have to do in order to win (basic summation...everything has to be perfect). i just can't shake the feeling that florida had their great game, and it came a game too early for them (or maybe i'm just completely nuts). i'm completely ecstatic that buckeye basketball is back to a place of prominence, and if we lose tomorrow, maybe oden and conley will be so angry they come back next year. it's a great time to be a buckeye.

-Reader Wise


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