Sunday, April 22, 2007

Go Cavs?

It's a dead spot in the sports world. NHL playoffs, NASCAR, MLB in April, and the beginning of the NBA playoffs which I believe take longer than the regular season. Is it me or does it almost seem at times that the 2 NBA teams have an agreement to keep the lead to within 12 points until the last few minutes of the game? It's like they're track runners in an 8 laps race just jogging for the first 6 laps. If you give any defensive effort at all someone will throw up a terrible shot. I think the 24 second clock should be 30 IF the players agree to run a real offense. We'd have to trust them, their wives do. That's why the Warriors are currently ahead of a team that has no excuse to not win it all.

As I watched certain OSU players this year who would be considering playing in this FANtastic league, I noticed that they do something that is kind of a basketball pet peeve of mine. Mind you, I was a coach's son. WHEN WILL COLLEGE AND PRO PLAYERS LEARN WHICH WAY TO ROLL AFTER THEY SET A PICK?! It's simple, you open up to the ball so that your eyes never leave the person you set the pick for. By turning the wrong way you lose any chance of having that crucial glance that lets the guard know you're open. It amazes me how fundamental that skill is yet pros are too lazy to do it. With the right two players the pick and roll can be almost unstoppable. Often it takes help from someone else to stop it resulting in a kick out for a 3 pointer...and if you're playing against OSU you are guaranteed to make about 86% of those shots (he's still not over it is he?). I'm sure there are a few of you who still think the NBA is the bees knees...but you probably also still use phrases like bees knees.

By the way I'm picking the Suns, I think they try the hardest.

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