Friday, April 20, 2007

But I thought he loved me

It's official, we suck. I really don't want to talk about him them anymore. So what do we look forward to? This guy at my gym who is a big OSU fan was telling me about how good our wrestling program is getting...super... We have baseball, right? (Reader Wise stops reading). The NFL draft is a reminder of how many stars we're losing in that sport as well. It also reminds me of that heartbreaking Super Bowl loss and yes I still have that 1 last beer in my fridge leftover from that game. It's a Sam Adams so it should still be good I imagine.

But really (don't ever start a paragraph with but) it's about starting over. I move to a new apartment 1 building away on day 2 of the draft...which reminds me I need to schedule a cable transfer. I'm watching PTI right now and right over Kornheiser's shoulder is that big Brutus head cut out. It wants to say, "Hey, football will be here soon! Another weekend where it stays interesting for a half but then you can assume we'll win because everyone on the field has 99 ratings for things like speed and arm strength." Sadly, I don't even play Madden or NCAA football or anything past the SNES.

Where was I though? Oh yes, rebuilding and starting over. It'll suck. That douchebag on was saying "that's what we get" for signing 3 McDonald's All Americans. Yes, clearly we should be punished for recruiting the best players out there. Whatever to him, sofemore year is queer! Good luck Butler, Michael Redd you are not.

(ps my spellchecker isn't working)


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