Sunday, June 10, 2007

Reinventing the word "suck"

There aren't enough adjectives. Here are some teams/players who actually had a better championship showing than the Cleveland Cavs...
1. Matt Terwilliger
2. Rex Grossman
3. The Buckeye Defense
4. That NHL team who wasn't the Ducks

I guess this one doesn't hurt as bad because well, it's the NBA and it's not like we all cared anyway. You guys are lucky though because you're in your mid/late 20's or early 30's and have made enough of your life to be able to afford HBO and watch the last Sporano's episode tonight.
I'm at my sister's house so I don't even have cable. Game 3 will be exciting when we take a 4-2 lead and then proceed to get outscored 102-76.

Let's try and focus on the positive, it's still 2007, I have other teams who I like that are capable of crushing me even further. The Yankees cut their deficit to 9 1/2 behind Boston today. It's still early, they can win the AL somehow and then lose to some "Aw shucks, we won!" team in the World Series (wouldn't you a-holes go nuts for the Brewers!).

High school sports will be a little more interesting in the North Central region this year. My old man came out of retirement at the age of 64 to attempt to notch his 300th career win. Maybe he can get to 299 and they'll start losing, it's still '07.

Yep, all positive here from The Dur's perspective. Hey, can you guys start ordering t-shirts now? I need money.

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At 9:52 AM, June 11, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i were a much more talented writer, i'd write a book tentatively titled "2007, the year sports proved conclusively God hates me".

i think it'd sell millions of copies (at least in ohio).

-reader wise


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