Thursday, June 21, 2007

It wouldn't surprise me

If Oden went 2nd, sticking with 2007's theme. I doubt my Yankees will still get 2nd place, but Tribe fans, get ready!

Did anyone see Baseball Tonight's discussion on Sosa's 600 home runs? They all seemed to not care at all about how he got there. Does ESPN tell them how to think? When you have to preface so much praise with, "I don't' care what you say about..." I think they'd rather not be saying it at all.

OK, there isn't much offseason stuff to talk about, the season is coming soon. Maybe I'll do some research and check out how TBDBITL is sounding this year. I hear we have a lot of seniors coming back in the low brass section.

This blog needed some attractive young women to promote my next issue. All you Northern-Ohio friends can come watch my shows at the this week. I'll be there through Saturday the 23rd. You can buy one of my shirts...these kittens did!


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