Monday, July 30, 2007

almost a new post

Last night I was drunk (it was my birthday) and on myspace. One of the sports pages on there released the 2007 AP poll...I got all excited and posted it on here because it had us listed as #2...then I wrote about what a bunch of crap that is because we have no one left on offense...then I noticed, "Hmm, this looks a lot like last year's poll...well I'll be damned!" Don't worry, I left my smartass remarks at this page and deleted the false entry.

In other news, the Columbus Destroyers failed miserably in the Arena Bowl. That means I'm down to my last 2 "teams" of the year to complete the perfect calendar year of heartbreak...The Yankees are 4 games out of the AL Wildcard and Jeff Gordon is dominating the Nextel Series going into the Chase.


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