Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It could be worse...

Wait, things are fine. Even though most of the crew picked us to lose it turns out they occasionally miss one. Expectations are much lower this season so a loss wouldn't be shocking, but I'm guessing we'll handle it better than this guy.

Road games can be fun and though I don't have money left to travel to anymore, I was able to get these before and after photos from the middle of the OSU section in Washington from my friend...

Yeah! We're Washington! We just beat Boise State. Some of our friends sold their tickets to Buckeye fans and made over seven-tee dollars! Can you believe how much they'll pay for seats clear up in the 20th row? We sure are a real program! This will be a big upset and we'll tear the goalpost down...just one though because we need that athletic money to pay for women's soccer too.

And by late in the 4th quarter...

Look Mom! Everyone forgot to take home their Washington souvenir cups! Now I can be that kid that makes a giant stack of them that has his hands too full to wipe his nose. Why are those people in red making fun of my purple hat?
There's nothing like being there. For those of you who find yourself out of town during a game, just Google the name of the city you're in and add Buckeyes. I found myself with 50 or 60 others down in Chattanooga 2 weeks ago. Most weeks I hang out at a BW's here in St. Louis with a big group.


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