Sunday, November 11, 2007

We Know

Dear Country,
We know. We didn't deserve to be #1 in your eyes. We weren't the best team in the country for the last few weeks. For all of you Mark May's who have said, "This is the week Ohio State loses," you're finally right. You've predicted something with the same odds of playing the pick 3 twenty times a day for 4 was bound to happen. However, since you've been saying that for so long it doesn't make you an expert at picking upsets (you started that prediction the week of Washington).
So I hope you're happy now. You might even get your Oregon vs. LSU matchup. That's fair right? Sure LSU players will get to walk to their bowl game, but it'll be a good game. The best part? If the Ducks win suddenly redneck bandwagon fans will pretend they're Oregon fans though they've never left the Eastern Time Zone.
So maybe we can take on a better matchup for our bowl game whatever it might be. Missou? Georgia? Kansas? We'll take it. One of these years we'll have us a QB good enough to hit someone in stride...then watch out. You can't keep us down forever!


The Dur


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