Thursday, November 22, 2007

Someone get this guy a nickname already

And "The White Oden" probably won't fly. So it turns out we might be pretty good this year. After years of terrible white stiffs from Europe, Kosta Koufos seems to be the real deal. I'll throw out the cupcake games and just mention last night's domination against Syracuse. Remember how Oden used to get the ball in the post early in the season and miss? Kay-Kay doesn't do that. (0-1) Remember how Greg would have 2 fouls during pregame warm-ups? My Big Tall Greek Center (0-2) only had 1 last night. Remember how Oden's range was only about 5-8 feet from the basket? The Gyro-nator (0-3) is 4-6 on 3's so far this season. I'm not saying he's better than Greg Oden, I'm just saying there are great things about him that add a new dynamic to our team. He, as well as the rest of the team, seem to be smarter this year. Other than Jamar Butler's "drive into the lane with 28 seconds still left on the shot clock and turn it over" move last night, the team played a very smart second half. They milked the clock, the got off high percentage shots, and they didn't foul late in the game.

And now the issue you're all waiting to hear about. Side Show Matt's long range shooting. He came in and hit a 3 last night. I quickly ran to the fridge, brewed a pot of coffee, poured a cup, added sugar and cream, stirred, added 1 more sugar, stirred some more, returned with my cup to the couch, sipped, and then spit it all over my apartment in shock. Matt may have been responsible for a late turnover as well. This would leave his turnover to assist ration at 5:0. Let's use points instead...ok Matt you're 5:8 on turnovers to points, well done. Our mighty senior is averaging 14 minutes a game.

And now Jon Diebler, Mr. Basketball in Ohio last year. Apparently inspired by last year's championship game shooting statistics, Jon is 3-18 from the field so far. I'll let it slide for awhile as at least he's making free throws. This is a kid who played most of his games in barns north central Ohio gyms so adjusting to the background for places like Madison Square Garden might be a learning process.

As for the others, we'll just wait and see how it turns out. If they can win the Dick's Sporting Goods tournament (I can't wait to see that trophy) they should easily be in the top 20 right? The Big Ten is going to be tougher this year so these early wins will be vital. I'll see if I can blog the next game perhaps.


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