Sunday, December 16, 2007

So does this mean we should worry?

Michigan seems to be pretty happy about their hiring of...dammit, I already don't like him. He's much harder to type than Loyd Carr. I refuse to learn how to spell Double R's name. I suppose they have visions of him running the spread offense all over us. Good luck dipping into that deep talent pool of black quarterbacks in the Michigan high school system. Yep, lots of speed demons from that upper peninsula who will love playing in 30 degree weather. There's a reason we play smashballs football in the Big Ten...half of the season it's the better option in the given conditions.


At 2:33 PM, December 17, 2007, Anonymous Joel said...

You just keep telling yourself that. I suppose Pat White simply grew UP wanting to play at West Virginia.

At 4:47 PM, December 17, 2007, Blogger The Dur said...

Well I think we could at least agree that Michigan blog was the gayest post ever.

At 7:22 PM, December 19, 2007, Blogger Jack said...

"Worried" is too strong a word, but we need to acknowldge to ourselves that this is a damn good hire for them. I mean, they didn't get Brian Kelly, which is great because I was terrified they'd land him. Kelly is smart and completely insane, but it's that good kind of crazy, like how a proficient assassin needs to be at least a little bit off-kilter in the dome. Rodriguez has at least been to a BCS game, though, and he's won everywhere he's been. It'll be interesting to see how he adapts his offense, to say the least (although I may be even more interested in his apparent desire to bring the 3-3-5 to Ann Arbor as a base defense).

At 12:52 PM, December 20, 2007, Blogger harry hasselhoff said...

Yes, you know, because Michigan recruits only from the state of Michigan, including our two recent Heisman winners from the Upper Penins...oh wait, they were from OHIO.


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