Monday, December 24, 2007

Third annual thebowl.challenge: Tanks for nuthin', Boise

There is basically nothing to update in the standings today, because the standings look exactly like they did yesterday. Why? Because every single one of us -- that's 100%, 33 out of 33 -- picked Boise State to win last night. And personally, I think we were right to do that. Boise was a much better team; however, as happens at least three or four times every bowl season, a team just didn't bother showing up, put forth a 50% effort, and either 1.) lost to a team they had no business losing to, or 2.) got blown out by a team that was approximately their equal. We have our first culprit this year: the Smurf Turfers from Boise. They stunk and shouldn't even have been close, in a game that shouldn't have been close, but in the opposite direction. So the standings stay the same.

...Except for how many points we lost. Keeping with this inexplicable bowl season, Kristin only put 1 confidence point on the game. Andrea only put 5 on it, and everyone else with fewer than 25 confidence points on the game didn't adjust their confidence levels to begin with. Here's the rundown of massive points lost:

Joel - 30; Other Joel - 28; Kevin - 32; Todd - 25; Sean - 32; Ryan - 27; Jesse Palmer - 24; Matt - 30; Jeff - 32; Me - 30; The Dur - 29; Ben - 32; Christina - 21; Evan - 27; Dustin - 28; Fred - 32; "B. Gordon" - 30; Coworker Stephen - 28; Donnie Smavels - 28; and S. Lawrence - 27.

Lo, the carnage. No more games until the 26th, so it's highly likely there will be no more posts until the 27th. So have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanuka, a Kwayzee Kwanzaa, a Tip-Top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan.


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