Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We're not going anywhere

Good lord we suck tonight. I've seen Bears games with better offense, BEARS GAMES! (Plays Lisa, plaa-aays!)

Butler does nothing but dribble it half way in and then kick it out to someone waiting 5 feet behind the NBA 3 point line. Then there's this stiff. We're on pace to match SLU's 20 points! Thanks for waiting until a nationally televised game to get your asses kicked. We're not going to make the tournament. Diebler sucks, hell, they all suck. And what's sad is they almost have a really good defense. Let's hope we can score 29 points in the last 24 minutes of regulation, otherwise we look like a high school girl's score. The Big Ten must suck. Somehow the entire conference other than 1st and 2nd place will end up under .500. Mathematically impossible? We'll find a way. Until then, enjoy Butler not even looking at the basket and the ghost of Treg Lee running around and bricking 15 footers.


At 6:28 PM, January 16, 2008, Blogger The Dur said...

It appears all my anger should be taken out on Diebler. If you take a select handful of games he's 0-40 from 3 point range. Wait, is that a misprint? No--he's actually 0-40 in games he didn't hit a 3 pointer in. Fooooorrr-ttteeee!


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