Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh this will be awesome

I can't seem to find the N.I.T. tournament challenge or even a damn pdf file to print it out. So I guess everyone will have to mail their brackets overnight headquarters. Just draw out the brackets in crayon. I know tonight's game starts at 7:00 and is on ESPN2 because ESPN is showing...sigh, a women's bracket preview and the men's play-in game.

OK, I've located the schedule for the first round games but still no brackets. I can only guess that should be actually start winning games we'll end up in the final against Florida.

Ahh, I've located it in a google search under an article called "Don't get excited..."

I'll fill my bracket out and post it up so you can get a feel of what us N.I.T. experts are predicting! You're welcome America..as you can see I stuck to my word and used crayon... (just click on the bracket for a clear view of how it will turn out)

As you can see I've got a lot of first round upsets including UMass going down in a "Stunner!" Hii-ooooooo!

Jack-Fu should have the real brackets up shortly. I'll be spending the next few hours thinking of my team's name.


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