Monday, January 21, 2008

Replacing Sideshow Matt

A sample...

Jon Dielber's 3 point shooting in a handful of games...

vs. Wisconsin-Green Bay 0-5

vs. Texas A&M 0-7

vs. VMI 0-4

vs. Butler 0-4

vs. Coppin State 0-3

4 games since 1/9 0-18

Grand total 0-41

But what about the games he made just one 3 pointer? 3 for 11.

He's not much better at the shorter shots either. Overall he's shooting 35-125. Apparently these gymnasiums are tougher to shoot in. Does he need a background with a stage full of geeky clarinet players from Bucyrus in order to make a shot? We have no depth so I think Thad believe he has to play him. Kufos and the boys should all come back next year and play without sucking. We could actually put him out at power forward where he belongs.

(Wow, this was insightful Dur)
Shut up, I know.


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