Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Kan Haz Mishugen playerz

Before I get to the NIT game I suggest you click on the title for the link to the latest news about Justin Boren leaving Michigan and possibly becoming a Buckeye (after sitting this year out). Two other linemen have also left the program along with their only quarterback left with game experience. This team is going to be as talented as the 1971 Marshall team. I can't wait for that sequel... "We Are Michigan!"

Could this program collapse that bad and parallel their basketball teams of the last decade? We can only hope.

Now onto the N.I.T. game. I was doing a show last night so I didn't get to catch most of it, however one of my friends sent me a text that said, "DEEBS!" I hurried home to the Internets to see that he hit a pair of 3's...whoa, a pair? You mean like a real scholarship players? Awesome, good job, super! He ended up with 10 points. You know what it was, Dayton guarded him. Yep, if you'll recall back to the exclusive interview all he needed was a hand in his face.

I would also like to note that when all of the seniors came out of the game for their final home game none of those cheers were for Terwilliger.

So is the season a success? We've been to two N.I.T. Final Four's in a matter of months. I suppose it's good to have experience, very fresh N.I.T. experience.

My bracket took a beating when UMass kept winning, but my final matchup is still intact. I'll go calculate my percentage after I ponder why Brady Quinn is already doing endorsement deals for another ten minutes.


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