Saturday, March 22, 2008

Standings take a long time

So all we need to know is that I'm tied for first and in the lower part of the standings Reader Wise is tied with my girlfriend. In the National Standings due to yesterday's magic in Tampa no one is fact everyone has missed at least 2 games. Still, this doesn't feel like a big upset tournament. I don't find myself screaming, "I can't believe Drake AND Vanderbilt both lost!"
Bob Knight made a good point about how talent will get you through one round, but you need a solid team to advance any further. I think this point will ring true for teams like Tennessee who were able to dick around because they're "more athletic." Then Bob Knight went back to raving about Pittsburgh.
With the Pac-10 losing so many games people are wondering if UCLA is the real deal. We won't find out until the Final Four because the only "good team" left in their bracket is Xavier (though I think Duke might turn things around and somehow advance in that piss-ant region). The Quack Attack cost me big, but that's what I get for picking a team who was 5 games over .500 (now 4 games over .500) to beat a team with 1 loss. Hopefully Pitt is as good as Knight says and will recover that section for me.
Don't forget to fill out your women's bracket if you haven't's how you do it...Take the 4 teams who have dominated women's basketball for the last 20 years into the Final Four and you too can be a women's bracketologist. (haha, I said women's -somethingologist, see what I did there?)


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