Saturday, May 03, 2008

It was either this or womens golf

Kentucky Derby day and I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma doing shows. My friend, Bob Costas, is covering the event on NBC. As I start this entry it's about 40 minutes until race time. I wasn't going to write anything but something unbelievable happened a few minutes ago. As they were walking Big Brown from a stable to probably some other stable, a grown man could be heard in the background singing, "Overrrr-raaated!" Yeah, take that horse! You and your 5-2 odds can suck it! Sure none of these horses even give a shit about winning (even the intellectual Big Brown). I can't decide if I like Big Brown's trainer/owner/whatever the hell he is. He's very cocky and with an hour of pregame coverage for 2 minutes of action we almost need it.

Other notes:
-Ahh, a promo about the Olympics. They're sure to be an awesome disaster.

-I've got Visionare at 23-1 (I promise I typed this well before race time)

-There's a voting contest for favorite hat. Why?

-Turns out Visionare's owner owned Barbaro...they just asked him if Visionaire belongs in the race...not a good sign.

-No one is going to read this until late August

-Big Brown is not handling the environment very well--uh oh! He couldn't handle the overrated chants afterall.

-"Much the best? Why do they keep saying that?" Exacto 20-19 by one dumbass announcer.

-How does one pronounce "Gayego?"

-My friend Jim AND Reader Wise have picked Pyro. Jim is the luckiest person I know, Reader Wise...the opposite.

Let's see what happens...


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