Monday, May 19, 2008

This will be the end of the NBA

So no one over the age of 23 can advance in the NBA playoffs this year. That's no fun. It's still possible you know...David Stern will do anything he can to prevent it, but what if it happens? Can you imagine how boring that split screen head thing they're doing...Billips and Duncan...that's right...your 2008 NBA Finals...

The Spurs vs. The Pistons! I would go 0-7 on watching this series as would the rest of the country. My first positive thought after the Cavs lost was "At least I don't have to hear De-Troit-basket-ball!" a hundred effing times a game. I'd rather watch the Bill Engval Show

Should this nightmare series happen ratings could be as low as NHL or something women like. Unless we get a Lakers vs. Celtics match up, the NBA will continue to slide in popularity.


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