Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Did anyone see the men's gymnastics last night? Me neither, but if I had I bet I would have made this observation...
That extra alternate in the stands crying at the end was not crying because he was proud of his teammates, he was crying because he wasn't down there. That's gotta be hard.
I just got word it's okay to admit I watched it as "Raj" is a Buckeye. As proud as I am to see a Buckeye winning a bronze, he really should have not talked to the camera afterward when they were all celebrating. He kept yelling out things like, "Third place!" and "Never give up!" and "Never give up!" "Never give up!" "Hey, Never give up!" He said it that many times. The rest of them sounded like a Disney film, too. I have all of the respect for what the gymnasts do, I think it's gotta be the toughest sport on Earth. Most of the population can't do any of those things. I can hit a free throw, or even fall down a river in a kayak, but I sure as hell couldn't jump off that vault thing. Howevah, when you're 4'11" and wearing tights and celebrating 3rd, you sound quee-ah.
As far as swimming, I just hope Michigan doesn't take it too hard when Phelps gets busted for HGH. I kid, I kid.


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