Saturday, October 11, 2008

The game came on

Thank you ESPN. We've won a few more but we still suck by our standards. Here's who is to blame: Hartline and Robiske lead the way. We usually have a wide receiver step it up and come out of nowhere to become a star. Anthony Gonzalez, Chris Vance, and others have come out of nowhere to become awesome and reliable (those exact words in their scouting reports). This year we have returning starters and they've done NOTHING. Hartline's white so it's like watching Dustin Fox only on offense. "Hey this guy's been around forever, we know his name, he should be goo--oops, he just fucked up." Robiske, who just go overthrown because he's as slow as a white guy, sure as hell isn't Tedd Ginn Jr.

Watching Pryor at quarterback kind of has the feel of Oden when he was still learning, doesn't it? Mistakes that are easy to see on TV along with amazing bursts of natural talent.

At times our team plays like it's game 1 of the season and they aren't used to playing together EVEN THOUGH THEY ALL PLAYED TOGETHER LAST YEAR.

I guess it could be worse. Michigan. Wow. How did they beat Wisconsin? I'm worried because they have nothing left to do in their season but beat us.

As things stand we're up 10 with 5:50 in the 3rd and Purdue will start from the 4. If our defense wants my kudos they'll force and 3 and out setting up another touchdown field goal.


At 5:51 PM, October 11, 2008, Blogger The Dur said...

1st and goal...good time to put in the buzzkill known as Mo Wells! He's small, he's slow, he has long hair! It's 3rd and not-gonna-happen as we begin the 4th quarter with Wells on the sideline.
(I'm now the only one who writes, reads, and comments on this blog)


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