Saturday, March 26, 2005

ACC Bias

If anyone else out there watched and more importantly listened to the UNC/Nova game, they know what I'm talking about. With 2 minutes left, and villanova down eight, Bill Raftery was already into his closing remarks about how UNC had a tough test and beat a good team. Even with the ball and down three in the closing seconds, he never considered that nova had a chance. Then there was the pinnacle...the mystery traveling call. Watching the replay, I count the steps...1...2..jump off the second step...makes the shot. Somehow as Raftery watches it, he started counted the same step I did, he says....1....2....3....but there was no third step. WHAT??!?!?! He just created something that didn't happen. In fact, after the game he approached Roy Williams and told him, "it was clearly traveling." No one asked Billy if it was or not, but he was telling everyone it was the right call. I've been angry before by broadcasters, but I wanted someone to physically harm him.

Last time I checked, Roy Williams is considered one of the premier coaches in college basketball. I've never really agreed with it, but I've let it slide. No more. In the press conference following last night's "win" over 'nova he said this coaching masterpiece, "Villanova would really run the clock on offensive possessions. I know a couple of times they would get the rebound and run another 30 seconds and we'd play defense for a over a minute straight." At this point, I thought he was going to praise 'nova for hard work or good offense, but this is what he said next, "In all my years of coaching, I've never understood why anyone would do that." He was being serious. My chair was in my TV and guns were purchased.

After all that, I thought I'd go onto and at least find and article praising the big 10 for getting 3 to the elite 8. Wrong. All I found was how lucky Wisconsin is for getting to play 3 double digit seeds and how duke was tired and msu should have won. Then I found this piece. If anyone ever wonders how UNC is so liked and favored, that article will answer it all.

Whatever, I'll just predict today's elite 8 games.
Illinois vs. Arizona
Everyone and their brother is trying to talk themselves into Arizona winning this game. I couldn't be happier. Sure Salim can shoot and Loren Woods part deux has a great mid-range game, but so does the Noise. Also, someone on Arizona has to play defense, which they won't do. Unless Zona shoots around 60% (again) for the game, they have no chance. If they shoot around 40%, expect the Illini to win by 20. That very well could happen.
Illinois: 86 Arizona: 70

Louisville vs. WVU
I think the loyal readers of this site are the only ones who want W. Virg to win this game. This game is basically a less talented UNC vs. a slightly more up-pace wisconsin. Should be interesting. If the great Gansey is shooting well, and they play a slow guy on Pittsnogle, WVU is in the final four. If UL is drilling threes against the 1-3-1, then WVU is in trouble. I'd have to think they'd come out of that zone if it happens. Watch me be wrong.
WVU: 68 UL: 66

Ok, that's never gonna happen. But I can dream right? PITTSNOGLE!!


At 2:34 PM, March 27, 2005, Anonymous AlJam4 said...

Jack-Fu, you must learn not to predict these games. You have an uncanny ability to screw over the team you pick as victor. The Illini are one of the few exceptions because they had the testicular fortitude(and Bill Murray having their back) to stay in the press and force turnovers and score of said turnovers. Just for the rest of the tourney, stop predicting on midwesternbias, just say something to the affect like, "Damn, that's hot," or "Yo man, good chili-cheese fries."

At 2:35 PM, March 27, 2005, Anonymous AlJam4 said...

I apologize Jack-Fu, I just assumed it was you. Dammit the Did, stop it!

At 9:25 AM, March 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Pat Forde article was the most offensive thing I've ever seen from ESPN...and I watched the Bobby Fischer interview.

- Nips


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