Monday, October 03, 2005

Vagcretion Coach Hits Prime Time?

It isn't often that a football coach is able to transcend the sport into celebrity-hood, but that very thing has happened. Bob Loblaw, the well-liked coach of the Fuckaginal University football team has made quite a splash in the football arena and his quirky, if not sophomoric, sense of humor has been a fan favorite in VagcretioNation since his career began at Fuckaginal 2 years ago. The Fuckaginal students have even created a drinking game, popular on campus in Red River, Virginia, where, during each post-game press conference, students drink every time Loblaw says anything which could be construed as a reference to menstruation or anal leakage.

It appears that his popularity is beginning to pay dividends. Bob Loblaw's name and image will be used as a character in Fox's comedy series, Arrested Development. Bob will not be be playing himself since his rigorous football schedule won't allow it, so Scott Baio will have the task of portraying the affable coach. Scott has been living la vida dolce while he continues to collect his paychecks for a certain box-office hit, but the opportunity to play Loblaw proved to be too enticing. When asked if he had any advice to offer the thespian for portraying him, Loblaw simply stated, "Here's what he's gonna want to do... take a knee."

Loblaw's star is on the rise, riding a hemorrhaging horse into the stratosphere.


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