Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Did's 2nd Annual Game-by-Game Forecast

Well, I did it last year, and this year I shall do it again. I did correctly predict the loss to Northwestern, but I just couldn't see us losing at home to wisky. However, we did. Also, I'd like to remind you fools that I did say Notre Dame would beat Michigan b\c it made no sense. Nonetheless, let's look at the new year that's starting...shortly.

I've heard comments like, "the '05 bucks are better than the '02 bucks" from the media. Guess what...I'm not buying it. The '02 had talented lines on both sides of the ball, experienced and established leaders on both sides of the ball, and a breakout running back. The '05 versions has unproven lines, uncertainty at QB, and still looking for a running back. Talent? There's plenty at linebacker and receiving. Here's what scares me about this team...They remind me a lot of the mid to late 90s Cooper teams. I'll admit that Zwick/Smith is a little more reasonable than Germaine/Stan Jackson. However, the lack of vocal leaders and plenty of talent is where I'm drawing the comparisons from. '02 OSU had Krenzel and Doss...'05 has Hawk and ?? Hawk has never struck me as a vocal leader. They need someone to step up. Also, Pittman did exactly what I said he needed to do, added 15 pounds in the weight room. Let's just hope he doesn't turn into Lydown Loss. Anyway, on to the prediction

Game 1: Miami(OH) - This redhawk squad is a solid team and they'll keep in close. There's always kinks the first week, and I'll be surprised if OSU wins by more than 14. The tight score will have the Texas line increase fo sho. Final: OSU 31 Miami(OH) 22

Game 2: Texas - The premier non-conf matchup of the season might not live up to it's billing. I think Texas has even more question marks than OSU. The talent level? Even. Home field advantage? You bet. Night game? Yikes. I'll give you Mack Brown, and I'll take Tressel...Game over. OSU 42 Texas 28

Game 3: San Diego St - Well, SDSU does have a decent running game...that should keep the game within 40. OSU 50 SDSU 13

Game 4: Iowa - Ahhh, remember last year? 33-7? You don't think that'll be everywhere in the locker room. That game last year is the only time I can ever remember an OSU team being physically dominated. It won't happen again. Well, unless they don't sack up. I think they will. OSU 20 Iowa 16

Game 5: at Penn St - Time to hit the road with the first away game of the year. Guess what? Penn St has the best defense in the conference...ugh. Uh oh...they have an improved offense. Snap. They'll be ready for us. Coming off a huge high with an Iowa win and the first know it...letdown game Penn St. 21 OSU 17

Game 6: MSU - I'm already bored with this game. OSU 37 MSU 19

Game 7: at Indiana - A tough road test...sure. OSU 41 IU 6

Game 8: At Minny - This game is intriguing. While it's always a test to play at the gopher dome, osu always seems to squeak it out. Plus, Minny is a bunch of vaginals. OSU 21 Minny 20

Game 9: Ill-i-nwah - Zook...welcome to the big 10, now, get some talent. OSU 42 ILL 7

Game 10: NW -,, REVENGE, it's a tasty burger OSU 156 NW 0

Game 11: at Michigan - They CAN'T stop a mobile qb. However, they will continue to hold us (but no penalty) at bay in the big house and beat us when they probably shouldn't. Michigan 26 OSU 24

I've made my choice.


At 1:54 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Northern Illinois - W - Remember that year when Northern Illinois was really really good? Not this year. Still, first game of the look for Michigan to allow it to be close through the first half.

Notre Dame - W - McBrady O'Quinn throws at LEAST one interception for every touchdown. The faithful will hop off the Weis bandwagon by game's end.

EMU - W - Um...yeah.

@Wisconsin - W - Michigan ends is road-opener losing streak against a weaker than usual Wisconsin team.

@Michigan State - L - Riding a four-game season -pening winning streak, heads swelling. Pride takes a major hit against a mobile quarterback on the road. Not to mention, Spartans will remember last year.

Minnesota - W - Don't look for Michigan to need another huge late comeback.

Penn St - W - Regardless of how much better they are this year, Penn St (regardless of winning or losing the week before) will still be physically recovering from the Buckeyes.

@Iowa - L - Iowa has Indiana at home the week before. Providing a nice warm up. That said, if The Maize and Blue find a way to beat MSU earlier in the season and roll in at 7-0, look for the "swagger" to help carry them here.

@Northwestern - W - I just don't see them losing this game.

Indiana - W - See EMU comments above.

Ohio State - W - A bloody battle for field position with Hart making the ultimate difference as neither team will punt to the returner. (However, if Michigan is somehow undefeated, look for that team from the south to pull an upset).

At 1:56 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous was Break of Dawn's predictions for the Michigan 2005 football season. 9-2 puts them in Orlando. 10-1 puts them in the BCS. 11-0 puts them in Pasadena.

At 3:34 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Yes, the '02 team had "talented lines" on both sides of the ball, but we're actually returning more OL starters this year than we did in '02. The '02 team was also replacing 2 starting LBs, 2 starting corners, and 1 starting DE. On offense, they were replacing starters at QB, RB, FB, Center, Tackle, and TE. In short, the '02 was returning 11 starters, while this team is returning 18 or 19 (depending on whether you want to count Branden Joe or Brandon Schnittker as last year's starting FB). Now, are these guys as talented as some of the guys who stepped into starting roles in '02 (like Chris Gamble, Maurice Clarett, Darrion Scott, Robert Reynolds, Ben Hartsock)? I have no idea. Time will tell.

As for your other pre-analcyst points:

* RE: Vocal leaders: Umm, what about Matt Wilhelm? Der Kaiser was probably the most vocal guy on the team, other than maybe Doss. No one else was that vocal, but they all exuded Alec Guiness.

* RE: Pittman: I was under the impression that most were expecting Haw to take over the majority of the rushing duties...?

On to the schedule...

Miami, Home
Very good squad, who's gonna be in a three-team horserace for the MAC title, along with BG and Toleder. This'll be relatively close, with one or two genuinely uncomfortable moments, but I don't see the Bucks winning it by less than 10.

Texas, Home
The more I read about this team, the more terrified I am. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not. Apparently, they return 4 out of 5 O-Linemen, and all 4 D-Linemen. Phil Steele has them top-4 in the country at both positions. Also, Derrick Johnson, while a monumental stud, is the only player they lost on defense. This one's gonna go down to the wire, with one or two big plays deciding it. I'm more comfortable that it's at home, but still...

San Diego State, Home
They've got That Hamilton Guy at RB, and he had to sit out all of last year with an injury. We know all about this team, as they nearly won at the 'Shoe in '03, and pushed Michigan to the brink last year before losing 24-21. Let's hope this one isn't anywhere near that close. Bucks by 14.

Iowa, Home
I. Demand. VENGEANCE!!!!!!
That 33-7 ass-whipping last year was Game 1 or Game 2 of Drew Tate's inexplicable morphing into Brett Favre, Jr. SI recently named Tate the top offensive player in the Big Ten, which got everyone up here in Detroit royally pissed off. I made my 3rd call-in to a radio show up here to argue Tate's case, and for the second time, I got laughed off the air. Look: he single-handedly scored points for that team. Iowa finished 116th out of 117 teams last year in rushing offense. Their entire offense was Tate. When a team goes 10-2, and their entire offense was based off of one guy, you've gotta give him his respect.
Anywhoo, this game scares me too. The sooner Kirk Ferentz leaves to coach in The League, the better. The one thing: Iowa lost all 4 D-Linemen from last year, including Roth and Babineaux, who were each top-5 in the conference last year in BOTH tackles for loss AND sacks. Hopefully we're catching them this year before their D comes together. Bucks by 3.

Penn State, Road
I was gonna predict this one as a loss, too. We just never win there. Michael Robinson's gonna pull a Zack Mills and suck all year, then account for 420 yards of total offense against us and the Nittany Kitties are gonna win by 6.

MSU, Home
Whatever. I hope we smack 'em around. Bucks by 13.

Indiana, Road
The Neary-Sanders nuptuals. There had better be a TV there. Todd, have you decided to bring Evan as your date? You know you have to, right?
Bucks by 37 (in a row?)

Meenay-hota, Road
Another scary one. This'll be right around that cusp for Minny, between the beginning of the year when they look legit and the end of the year where they suck and lose their last 4 or 5 games. An annual rite of passage. Which side will this game fall on? Probably the former, making this a tight one (not like Erin). I have faith in Tressel, and anti-faith in Glengarry Glen Mason.
Bucks by 4

Illinoize, Home
Bucks by 23

Northwestern, Home
Brett Fucking Basanez. I still can't believe that game happened. Too bad we're not gonna be in Mt. Pleasant hanging out with Matt for this one. Too bad for Matt.
Bucks by 17

Michigan, Road
They sure can't stop mobile QBs. Stat of the year last year for Michigan: rushing yards allowed, per game:

First 8 games (Miami (OH), Not-rah Dame, SDSU, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Minny, Illinois, and Purdue): 71.6 ypg allowed

Last 4 games (Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Texas): 256.8 ypg allowed


Still, it's gonna be damn tough to win in Ann Arbor. But it always is. This game's a toss-up, as The Game basically always is.
Michigan by 3


That's a karate chop.

At 4:05 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger Nipsey said...

First of all, Todd, if you pick Evan over me to go to the Neary-Sanders Bowl, we are no longer friends. There. I said it.

A couple more interesting notes about Penn State game, which we all seem to be agreeing is going to be one of the 2 or 3 toughest of the year:

- While a letdown is a distinct possibility, I think it helps that we have 2 weeks to prepare for this sucker. THAT'S GOOD!

- The game is at night and on ESPN, meaning the Beaver is gonna be bouncin. That's bad.

- The game comes with your choice of toppings. THAT'S GOOD!

- The toppings contain Potassium Benzoate.......that's bad.

Can I go now?

At 4:23 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

Here's the deal with the Neary-Sanders Bowl. Because I'm Todd, I can do whatever I want and no one will stop me. Also, since I'll be busy with wedding party stuff, it's silly to bring just Evan or Jeff b\c whoever I bring needs someone to talk the peanut gallery. Therefore, I'm bringing you both!! **Snuggles** I'm anticipating no fewer than a dozen fantastic moments.

At 6:15 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you can sell Jesus to the Romans again. Herbstreit finally understands that you never, never, even if for some reason our team exists of blind retarded children do you pick that team from up north to win THE GAME and now you go and take up his old torch. Welcome to the club, Judus, I hope you invest those 30 pieces of Silver wisely.

I may hate you now.


At 6:17 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diddy, please take no offense to my post, I thought The Fu had posted it. I'm afraid I just know you well enough to criticize your opinions. Again, appologies all around.


At 6:20 PM, August 24, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Who are you apologizing to, Wise? We both picked Michigan to win.

(You must not be entirely familiar with the fine art of the reverse jinx. Tsk tsk.)

At 6:43 PM, August 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, i saw that after i had posted. Sorry, i'm new at this "internets" thing.


At 11:37 AM, August 25, 2005, Blogger Torgonator said...

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At 10:50 AM, August 26, 2005, Blogger Scooter said...


C'mon... what the F*(* is this?!!?.. a two loss season, puh lease.

Ok... onto what will really happen this season for the Buckeyes!!!! (ok, this won't come as any surprise to most, but... I've been right before)

Miami... da Bucks win against a valiant foe, close at half, Ginn takes a punt back to break their will. Bucks by 21.

Te Jas, Texas, Oklahoma's bitches, whatever.. i don't care... da Bucks are in frenzy, at night in the shoe! Ba goo! Texas seriously has no shot with no throwing game. I'll take Bobby Carpentar & Hawk running down Vincent Young anyday of the week. Bucks by.... get ready for this... 28!

San Jose st... or whoever is next, it does not matter.. bucks by 52.

R... E.... V... E... N .... G....E
this has the potential for a close one.. wait a minute, NOT!... Jack makes a very strong point, they replace their entire defensive line which means we will have a stronger running attack.. i.e. defense won't be left out to dry.... if Tate survives by not leaving on a strectcher, he gets my vote for heisman. This will be ugly.

PSU... 2 weeks to prepare...could be a tough one, I see it that way too. Joe Pa will give a sterling speech to rev up his boys.... A game reminisant of the tussle in 02. A two way star will emerge and return a red zone interception 87 yards for the go ahead and winning score in a squeaker. His name is.. Ted Ginn

msu... bucks in a non descript effort will by 10. If away we lose this one, Stanton is the best qb in the big ten when healthy.

Indiana... bucks big. 42-10
Minnesota... run on us??? puh lease.. bucks by 21.
Illini... we win by 17.
Northwestern... this will be bloody... oh the field will be painted with purple blood. bucks by a gillion.

M*ch*gan... oh.. for all the marbles... ooooohhh NNNeellyyyy, in his Air Force Ones no less...
wow... i'm giddy, I smell a roadtrip to Whore Arbor. I say the bucks win for no other reason than I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't. That and we have Jim Tressel, they have Lloyd Carr. Nuff Said.

So there you have it... THE TRUTH. and a trip to the Rose Bowl to kill Carson Palmer and his SoCal surfboy boyfriends... oh, it will be glorious.


At 11:08 AM, August 26, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

In the least surprising comment since Jackson being afraid of losing every game, scott picks us to win every game. Also, why is Michigan's schedule breakdawn (get it!) on here? I say *yamn*.

So let's get the gambling involved here.

Number of games until scooter gets violent about the bucks performance. Over/Under 2.5

Games until there's a c-bus QB controversy. Over/Under 3

Number of pieces of a buckeye Jeff eats during week 1. Over/Under 8

Number of games jack picks us to lose. Over/Under 5

Number of times Cave mentions and amount of weight a player lifts or says, "HE'S ENORMOUS, SUCH A BEAST" during the season...Over/Under 15

Number of Games Phil sleeps through...Over/Under 3

Number of games Scooter says Teddy Inge should win the heisman...Over/Under 11

Number of objects thrown when he's not even a finalist...Over/Under 7 (Until he passes out)

Number of times evan will have to replace his furniture this season due to the poignant "man funk" releasing from his couches....Over/Under 1.5

Number of times Jeff is less than fully clothed...Over/Under 12 (For Game 1)


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