Friday, August 12, 2005

A few comments

I'm most (all) of you noticed that the preseason NCAA poll came out over this past weekend. I thought there were a couple of interesting things of note besides Ohio St. being 9th.

1) Texas:
part a) they're ranked number 2 - seems reasonable.
part b) they received 2 first place votes - look, I'm not a big fan of preseson polls, but if you have one there's NO WAY you could vote anyone but USC at number 1.

2) Also receiving votes:
If you look at the very end, you'll notice one glaring thing: "Duke 1" Duke went 2-9 last year and they'll be happy to post that record again this year. Does one vote mean much in the grand scheme, probably not. However, I think you should at least take it seriously. Yeesh.

The Terrell Owens saga:
Everyone is talking about it, so I think I'll give my take too. Personally, I don't blame Owens for asking for whatever he's worth. But as Biggie once notoriously put it: Mo Money, Mo Problems. When you're already making 8 mill a year or whatever, and you don't think that's enough, the commoners (PLEEBS!!) have an understandbly difficult time being sympathetic for you. However, clubs are always, ALWAYS back-end loading contracts and then asking for players to redo their contracts for less money b\c now they're "not worth it". The money they were supposed to get (and rightfully earned) when they were "worth it" is now gone and they have to take a reduced salary or get waived. T.O. has beaten them to the punch, he figures, I better get the money now when I am "worth it" so that he doesn't fall...errrr...victim (it's hard to say victim when you'd make a butt load of money anyway) to this usual trap. So now all of Philly is pissed at him b\c he's being a dick. Mo money, mo problems TO. Nonetheless here's "Other reasons I love T.O."

While watching the saga this morning, these three things happened
1) They were interviewing him and his agent, Jew Rosenhausenflavor, and T.O. NEVER let Drew talk. I've never seen any chance for pub where Drew didn't talk, but even he took a back seat to T.O.
2) During that interview, T.O. was wearing a T-shirt that only had a blown up picture of him and who I pressumed was his mother. You know, one of those "straight from the county fair" blown up pic shirts. Good stuff
3) During another interview yesterday he was surrounded by reporters asking questions as he was doing shirtless sit-ups in his drive-way. I'm not sure I've fully absorbed how funny that was.


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