Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The semi-annual Jack Fu hiatus

Yep, it's once again time for that rite of December and April, where my exam period sneaks up and drives a wedge between and me. This time it's actually pretty helpful, as the NHL and NBA aren't yet to their infinitely-more-interesting-than-the-regular-season playoffs, and baseball, well ... is baseball. As such, I have even less to say than usual. Shocking, I know, but it turns out it WAS possible.

Wait a minute, there's the little matter of the Buckeyes inexplicably deciding to change their football uniforms to some kind of hideous Wisconsin-offshoot, a development which I met by audibly gasping and then putting on a newsboy cap and muttering, "Say it ain't so, Tressel. Say it ain't so," for about five minutes. Seriously, not only was there nothing wrong with them, but they were CLASSICS. Worn by the '68 national champs and used in every season since, except for a period of universal hideous fashion decisions, both in sports and out, more popularly known as "The 80s," they were beacons of tradition. I could grudgingly put up with the strange see-through pants of last year, but seriously, this is going too far. Please, everyone who's reading this (yes, that means BOTH of you), don't buy these monstrositites. If you've already got a jersey, wear that one. If you don't have a jersey, wear a frickin' sweatshirt or something. Don't give in. No, it won't change anything, but you won't be mistaken for a friggin' Wisconsin fan anytime, either.

So I leave, again, with a scant few words of advice:

A.) You may never be getting an NL preview from Todd, and one way to ensure that you'll never get one is by asking for it.
B.) For an amusing take on the Barroid Bonds situation, as well as the Steroid Era in general, please check out Chuck Klosterman's piece on, and do so before the Worldwide Tyrant puts the column under their money-grubbing "Insider" heading.

Be seeing you...


At 1:55 PM, April 13, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Break of Dawn

A couple bathroom stall quickies:

1. I assure you, regardless of this post, I would have never been tempted to buy the new fangled buckeyes jersey.

2. If asking Todd for an NL preview negates any possibility of receiving one, will asking contributor Nipsy for soccer related posts incur a similar reaction?

3. Kwame "Suge Knight" Kilpatrick seems to have given up on properly redeveloping Tiger Stadium (not that he ever really condsider doing so), instead planning to graze and replace it with a mall. No lie, his grand plan to revitalize Michigan and the property at the International Council of Shopping Centers convention in Las Vegas. I don't know that I'd ever do my Christmas shopping in Detroit.

4. Sports teams and their personalities are best when they are a reflection of their town, its population and its general vibe. The same can be said of their stadiums.

5. Having experienced Tiger Stadium, Comerica Park, Fenway Park and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I have a few sub-quickies:

a. Fenway Park is a shrine.

b. Tiger Stadium could have endured and been one too.

c. Oriole Park at Camden Yards is an amazing substitute for watching baseball in a historical treasure. In fact, it's a future landmark.

d. Comerica Park falls dreadfully short in all aspects. It sure as hell ain't no shrine; At best, it's a sub-par Baltimore knock-off.

5. Peter King can keep his Starbucks and his green teas, all I need to get through the morning is a bottle of Smart Water and a bag of Baked Lays

Break of Dawn


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