Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bears @ Rams (November 23)

I attended the Bears game in the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday. I had never tailgated before an NFL game before. The atmosphere is less "hot" and everyone has nicer stuff. This had to be one of the most highly attended by the away team games in NFL history. Honestly, the stadium was 75% Bears fan and by halftime that number grew to around 90%. The Rams suck, sucked, and were down 7-0 before we even got to our seats.

As I've mentioned before, watching a game in a dome feels dirty when the weather is even slightly uncomfortable outside. However, these ladies never have to wear those bullshit windbreaker outfits. I'm trying to recall important events of the game but we sold 2 extra tickets for $150 and got blitzed pretty bad. Uhh, here are more pictures...

My fiancee thought this guy looked like Kyle Ortan. He told us he was actually in a neckbeard contest being held by a Chicago radio station. The winner got 2 tickets for a game.

Final score, Bears win 27-3.


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