Sunday, November 30, 2008

This happened?

I was going to blog the Bears game but I can't get past the fact that they couldn't score from the 2 yard line 4 straight times and then gave up a 99 1/2 yard touchdown to an ex-player. Ughh.

Anyway, apparently Samford came to town for a game of basketball and left with a Big 12 Football score...59-22. (Davis drops yet another pass...followed by Hestor's drop)

Anyway, some interesting stats about this one. Their leading scorer had 8. 1 guy show free throws and was 2-3. They scored 6 in the first half. Take away their leading scorer at 4-11 and the rest of the team was a Sideshow Matt-like 5 for 37. (see every JV girls basketball game, actually don't)

Dammit, watching the Bears pisses me off so bad. Just once (it's been decades) I'd like to see one offensive skill player make a Pro Bowl. I think Neil Anderson was mentioned as the last running back to do so. There sure as hell haven't been any quarterbacks or wide receivers.

Thank you to the one commenter on a previous entry. Someone's reading!

The Bowl challenge is just around the corner.

(Sweet, a Bears interception...and touchdown!)


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