Sunday, November 30, 2008

What is wrong with the Big 12

Keeping with the theme of this blog I'm going to point something out about the Big 12 that everyone seems to think is so great this year. Do any of them play any defense? Sure Oklahoma is the "hottest" team right now but they still gave up 41 points! Forty-one!!! That's not okay. Everyone says they're all so talented on offense but I can't name one defensive player that's worth a shit in that conference. (You might be able to, but I can't) These basketball scores are not okay. Ask the NFL. That's goes for you too Boise State. Ohio State gave up 35 to USC but that game had so many things wrong with it (one touchdown from a pick 6, the other from an all out pick).
Some other stats, Oklahoma gave up 35, 45, 28 twice, and 26 once. Texas gave up over 30 points 3 times this year as well.

As far as the BCS, I'm pretty sure Florida will beat Alabama and whoever the Big 12 picks. Florida actually has better defensive numbers. Should Alabama win both, they would join the '02 Buckeyes as the only other 14-0 team and we don't want that to happen do we?

(in other news, check out Hugh Johnson Project part 3, I got another quote in!


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