Saturday, December 20, 2008

That's you Big Ten!

Sparty won at Texas! Minnesota beat Louisville! Purdue has held Curry THE ENTIRE DAVIDSON TEAM SCORELESS! It's 21-0 after 7 minutes. And yes, the announcers have now made 2 football score references. Davidson finally scores and the Purdue fans sarcastically cheer.

What if this Christmas miracle happened--Hear me out...Diebler and Curry somehow crossed paths during a thunderstorm and their shooting abilities switched bodies. I'm just saying Curry is 0-5 right now and Diebler was 11-12 from the free throw line. It's 25-2 after the 2nd TV timeout. Curry misses again, is being shut down by a white guy, and I'm blogging a Purdue game.

Onto other topics. The Bowl Challenge has started and it seems 5 of you women didn't take the time to adjust your confidence points (or did you really know Navy was going to lose?). I think everyone should root for me in the Bowl Challenge. Think about it. 6:00 Sportscenter is pointing out who's at the top of the national challenge scores. "Well it comes down to Florida against Oklahoma, and in your challenge...It's "GoSooner2009" against...sigh, "Joel Aborts Kittens."

Sorry, Curry is now 1-9 and it's 25-11, Purdue calls a timeout. If they blow this I will take the blame...In fact, I'll call it now. They're going to lose.

At least the Buckeyes won, Michigan seems to be on their way to a win, and Iowa is playing Drake so I can only assume that...nevermind. Stupid Iowa.

I'm switching back over to No Tackle State vs. We have too much shit on our helmets State.


At 5:49 PM, December 20, 2008, Blogger The Dur said...

OK, Purdue is holding on. Fresno State is clearly on the take...and has been all year.


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