Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time to Prepare

Here's a fun drinking game. Anytime you hear the media say, "Texas will be playing with a chip on their shoulder," drop what you're doing and take a shot. 6:00 a.m. Sportscenter has Mark May blabbing...shot time! Late night Fox Sports playing while you're drifting into sleep, oops, they said it...shot time again.

I'll post more arguments in a blog titled something like "Shut up," or "We know but..." until then, we're going to feel like Notre Dame, the Yankees, etc.

So here's who we root for. Penn State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech (I'll explain that too if I must) and Utah. Also, anyone other than Teabow to win Heisman.

Other things I enjoyed today...The fact that no one gave USC enough credit though I'll admit they probably deserved more talk. Stoopes answer where he mentioned Texas Tech got screwed too. Brett Favre's Jets starting to show their true colors. The Bears win and some guy named Walter on Houston who saved my fantasy team.

I will also call on Jack-Fu to setup this year's bowl challenge. Let's see if Reader Wise still puts the most confidence points in Ohio State this year.


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