Monday, February 07, 2005

Was that the SUPER Bowl?

And on the 7th day, we rested. Another superbowl sunday has come and gone, and the country's most unofficial of holidays has ended. Does anyone else notice how we all just take the day off? It's not just a game, it's an event. Seven hours of pregame, a whole week of media coverage, and everyone gets an excuse card for the day. It's very strange how it's allowed. I'm not complaining, but it's quite an anomaly.

Question: You gonna get that surgery done today?
Answer: What?!? The superbowl is today are you crazy?
Response: Oh yeah, you're right, the heart transplant can wait and my kidney is barely bleeding. Let's eat nachos.

Above: American Idle

What's the point of all this you ask? Well, I think someone forgot to tell McNabb he didn't get the day off. It has to go down as one of the most weird, and the most boring 3 point superbowl in history. McNabb managed to throw for 350 yards and 3 TD and look terrible all at once. The Eagles owned the entire first half. Controlled the ball and field position. Yet each time they would get close McNabb would make terrible decisions and worse throws. Down 10, he throws a pick and just mouths, "my bad" with a smile. He couldn't have been less concerned. Then getting the ball back and time a factor, he quickly...leads his the huddle!! I moved with more urgency with a fifth of old dan tucker in me. Despite all this, he still had a chance to lead the most amazing drive in nfl history with 46 seconds left. And he...throws it right into his line for a 0 yard gain and effectively ended the game. WHAT?!?!? Honestly, it was a perfect ending to a bizarre game. The Eagles were all playing hard except for their QB. The way I see it there's 3 options for what McNabb was doing.

1) While driving and the score 24-14, according to my viewing partner Haq, "Does he think they're only down 7?" I would say this is possible. He acted like he was playing for the tie and then playing in a tie game after they scored. He seemed occupied with more important thing like chunky soup.

2) He turned into a black qb. Terrible decision making and poor leadership. I love McNabb too much to think he could turn black and get spooked that easily. (That works on exactly 2 levels)

3) I know I say it a lot, but HE HAD MONEY ON THE GAME!!! Think about it. He wanted to beat the spread, but lose the game to maximize his winnings. He had several chances to go up by more the 7 or even play with urgency. Yet he didn't. Each time the eagles needed a big play to keep it close, he provided. Each time they needed a score to possibly win, he threw a pick. Examples: The lob pass in the first half, the terrible overthrow to teddy b, and the horrendous final "drive".

"Hey Tom, I made that look convincing didn't I? You got that check for me? ...good... Also, I hear you have a new favorite receiver."

Honestly there should be an investigation. Get a committee please, something. While they're at it, figure out why the commercials sucked too. Maybe I'm just being to hard on him. Aren't we all entitled to a bad day? Aren't we all allowed to be black from time to time? I'll say on the most un-super of sundays McNabb was black because he stole my (and the nation's) most sacred of sports holidays. I'll never get it back, and not even the excuse of superbowl sunday will be allowed for this travesty of sport.


At 1:38 AM, February 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have very little to say about the Super Bowl. By the end of the first quarter, I found myself more interested in separating my laundry into white, lights and darks. I consider myself a Pats fan, but before that I'm a football fan and I simply wasn't interested in the football that was being played on the field. It was pretty poor. I suppose it could have been worse. It could have been an Ohio State quarterback winning the Super Bowl. But, yet AGAIN, it was a Michigan quarterback taking hold of the trophy. I'm getting really use to seeing that. THAT never gets old. Go Blue.

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- Nips

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Totally different topic --->

I'm sure Todd already knows this, but:

USMNT vs. T&T (CONCACAF hexagonal matchday 1)
Today 2:30pm ESPN2

I'll try to write an overview tomorrow. After seeing the projected starters, I'm pretty confident.

- Like You Have To Ask

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