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Your resident baseball expert awakens: AL

Despite the fact all that's discussed is steroids, a season is actually going to happen. I hope that the roid talk goes away soon, but I highly doubt it does. Nonetheless, I'm going to drop some predictions on you as if they were hot. I'm glad that in a couple of days we have a pro sport we can finally discuss again.

AL East:
So basically you know the drill here: Red Sox or Yankees. The yanks rehauled their lackluster pitching staff and now have probably the best and deepest set of starters in baseball. However, I'm totally not sold on them. There's several injury concerns with some older players. If they stay healthy, then they're the team to beat.

1st: Boston Red Sox
Predicted record: 97-65
I think Wells will be a good enough replacement for Pedro and the offense is the best in baseball

2nd: Yankees
Predicted record: 94-68
The race for this division will come down to the last week in all likelihood. I'm just too worried about injuries for this team over the long haul.

After these 2, there's just not much going on. By that, no one has any pitching.

3rd: Baltimore
Predicted record: 80-82
There is a lot of offense on this team. There is absolutely no pitching. That's a problem.

4th: Tampa Bay
Predicted record: 70-92
I think the Devil Rays get themselves out of the AL East cellar and into 4th place. YAY Devil Rays. The have a couple of good young players with Crawford and Huff, and Kazmir is gonna be a good one from the mound.

5th: Bluges
Predicted record: 68-94
Expect a better season from Halladay. V-We is the only offensive force on the team.

AL Central:

1st: Twins
Predicted record: 88-74
Their offense is pretty weak. In fact, it's quite week. However, they pitch, fields, and run the bases very well. In this division, that's more than enough to win.

2nd: White Sox
Predicted record: 84-78
This team made several very nice moves giving them a pretty solid lineup and pitching staff. However, the bullpen looks pretty weak. Look for a mid-season trade from this team for a closer or quality set up man

3rd: Indians
Predicted record: 78-84
They just don't have quite enough yet. This team also screams massive let down. With several young players overachieving last year, I'm not sure if they can do it again. There's a lot of talent for hitting and pitching, but the bullpen is weak. One more year until they challenge.

4th: Tigers
Predicted record: 77-85
Don't be surprised if this team sneaks up and passes the tribe. They hitting is solid, the starting pitching is okay, and the bullpen is better than average. Completely mediocre is what to expect from this squad

5th: Kansas City
Predicted record: 63-99
Wow, is this team bad. When sweeney is out of the lineup, their best hitter is: Matt Stairs. Their opening day starter is: Jose Lima. Guh.

Today's blog challenge: Without looking!!
Can you name 2 more royals starting position players? (Starting rotation is also acceptable)

AL West

1st: Los Angeles? Angles
Predicted record: 92-60
Ok, so it's the angles and then everyone else. They have the best lineup and rotation in the division.

I have no idea what to do with the rest of the teams in this division. Each has potential to be solid and very bad. I'm just guessing from here out.

2nd: Mariners
Predicted record: 79-83
Whatever. I'm so confused with this team. They look very mediocre with good potential at the plate.

3rd: A's
Predicted record: 77-85
They don't look very good on paper, but they always perform. A lot of good young talent on this squad with Crosby leading the charge. Look for them to challenge next year.

4th: Rangers
Predicted record: 76-86
This team will hit. They will score bunches. So if, IF, the pitching is decent, they'll be .500, IF IF it's good, they could challenge for the division. However, I'd say the pitching will stink and they'll be around 10 under .500

So it looks like this for the playoffs
Red Sox vs. Twins
Yankees vs. Angels

I'll take the Red Sox over the Yanks to head back to the world series

AL MVP: Manny Ramirez - don't be surprised if he gets 160 RBI and a triple crown run
Runner-up: Vlad - he's just a monster
Darkhorse: Ichiro - he's the toughest out in baseball and probably should be the mvp


At 3:50 PM, April 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baseball, Shmaseball. MLS opening day is a whole day and a half earlier than baseball's, thus making it better. I was planning to do a giant MLS preview post, but then I realized no one except me cares and it would be a giant, difficult waste of time. (I might have to tell you about the expansion teams though. One in particular, is hilarious.) I will however pull a Todd (literally) and give a quick prediction of how all these teams will end up.


1. Dallas FC - Johnson and Ruiz have the potential to be the best forward tandem in league history.

2. Real Salt Lake - Bucked conventional wisdom and stocked their expansion team with proven veterans. A great plan (in the short term).

3. L.A. Galaxy - Donovan will need to show more leadership than at any time in his career w/ this team. I say he will.

4. San Jose Earthquakes - Lost so much in the offseason. Got so little in return.

5. Colorado Rapids - Made the playoffs last year with a horrendous offense. Fired their coach and replaced him with one of the worst coaches in league history. Still not sold on that move.

6. CD Chivas USA - That's totally their real name. No one has any idea how this expansion team will do, so they're predicting that they will be horrible. I will too.


1. Kansas City Wizards - Gansler's the best coach in the league.

2. New England Revolution - Traditionally defensive team could score a ton if Twellman, Noonan, and Ralston are all healthy.

3. Columbus Crew - Could logically finish anywhere in the standings.

4. DC United - Anyone picking them to repeat this year obviously doesn't believe a team needs a defense at all.

5. Chicago Fire - Super young team that should be excellent in a year or two.

6. Metrostars - Collapsed after the All-Star break last year and got worse in the offseason. Djorkaeff will be a bust.

1st round
Dallas over SJ
LA over RSL
KC over DC
NE over Columbus (another playoff choke, its like the leaves changing color)

2nd round
KC over NE
Dallas over LA

MLS CUP - KC over Dallas

Hope I'm wrong.

- Nips

At 5:38 PM, April 01, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

On the Blog Challenge:

Well, I drafted someone named Zack Greinke, and I'm assuming he's made their roster. And I don't see any reason why they wouldn't still have Fantasy Nightmare Angel Barroa (means 'Goodbye'). Did I win?

At 12:27 AM, April 02, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

Jackson does win the royals challenge. However, bonus points to anyone that new David DeJesus was the starting center fielder. Really, there's bonus points if you could name anyone else.


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