Thursday, June 09, 2005

Quick story

So yesterday, as I was walking through downtown Detroit, as I am wont to do, I was approached, as they are often wont to do, by a homeless man. Now, this happens about one out of every 4 trips downtown for me, which is a little lower frequency than I would expect. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, the guy asked me if I had any money to help him get on the bus (I now assume that by "money" he meant "dollar bills," and by "on the bus" he meant "a fifth of Jack Daniel’s"). So I told the guy I’d give him whatever I had in my pockets, as I often do when asked this question downtown. He seemed okay with this. So I reached in, pulled out the contents of my left pocket, and examined them. "All I have is 22 cents," I told him, and dropped the coins into his already-outstretched hands. Now, a scenario like this has happened countless times before. But this time was slightly different, because Mr. Homeless Guy actually snorted incredulously at me, like I was somehow withholding something from him. I was semi-flabbergasted by this, and kicked myself afterward for not saying something along the lines of "You know what, I’ve decided that I want that 22 cents back. You obviously have no need for it anyway, judging by the incredulous manner in which you accepted my FUCKING ACT OF CHARITY." But I didn’t, partly because I was already walking away, but mostly because I’m not that quick a thinker. Durrrrrrr.


At 3:35 PM, June 09, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

I was running next to a community park pool the other day and thought it was strange that the music playing was "take my breath away". It struck me that that's not a good song for a pool. It was also on repeat, which was even more strange.


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