Friday, July 01, 2005

I can post if I want to...

Hey, I'm making a post!! YAY!!! *SNUGGLES*

First, I read that article about the last decade or so of the Hawks. It was, fantastic. I hope all have partook in such readings.

Now, yes, it's been a while. And yes, there was a question Fu made to me...a while ago. Everyone has forgot, so I'll bring it up again. Rewind...

"we are witnessing four unequivocal masters at work on the pitching mound, in Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, and Pedro Martinez. So, I want Dids and anyone else to give me their opinions on the following two questions: Which of the four do you think had the best career, and, alternatively, which of the four, at the absolute zenith of their respective powers, was the best?"

It is a great question. And if there's one thing I love, it's baseball stats. So let's begin.

It's simply not fair to compare Maddux to the rest of these guys. Power pitching and finesse mitchell pitching are two totally different things. Oh, for fun, I'll do it anyway.

Best Nickname: Is there really any question? The Unit is the greatest nickname in the history of sport. I mean, the rocket and the bulldog are good. But, a big joke about penis never lets you down. All right guys, let's talk about units. BWAHAHAHA!!

Best Zenith: This one is tough. Let's look at what I consider the zenith for each:

Clemens: It's tragic, but I think his zenith were his 2 years in Toronto. They probably were b\c he was proving he still had it. The Red Sox basically said he was too old and he responded in 97-98 with seasons of 21-7 2.05 ERA 230Ks and 20-6 2.65 ERA and 270Ks. Now, keep in mind, NO ONE saw him pitch AND the Bluges were very mediocre. Going 76-84 in 1997 and a decent 88-74 in 1998. Clemens won the Cy Young in both of those seasons.

The Unit: To me, it's 2001. Leading the team to a World Series title and doing it in grand style. 21-6 ERA of 2.49 and an amazing 372Ks 372!!!! He would actually post a better win/loss and era in '02, but 2001, to me, was the peak.

Pedro: Now, his numbers weren't nearly as impressive, but the 4 year stretch from 97-00 Pedro made his name. His last year as an expo and first three as a BoSock were amazing. He averaged 19Ws and an era just over 2. In 2000, his WHIP was 0.74. For a season!!! That's incredible. He was, totally unhitable.

Maddux: A career of consistency, his best year was back when the Braves were busy smacking around the Indians to win the series. In 1995, he went 19-2 an era of 1.63, a whip of 0.81, 181 Ks, and only 23 walks. 23!!! He had 28 starts. Improbable!!

Therefore...the best zenith goes to....Pedro. I mean, the guy was totally unhitable for 4 solid years. Rocket's best years were rick mired in Canada, and maddux/unit's zenith were just two short. That's something you'll never hear from me again. "The unit's zenith was just too short"

Best Career: Process of elimination...Maddux and Clemens have 300 Wins...the other two don't. So that takes us to Maddux vs. Clemens for best overall career. really, it comes down to which you prefer: power vs. finesse.


chart Maddux vs. Clemens
Games 629 656
Innings 4283.0 4601.0
Wins 312 334
Losses 179 167
CG 105 117
Ks 2979 4421
Walks 890 1490
ERA 2.99 3.14

I mean, wow, it can't really get much closer. Clemens has more Cy Youngs, but I think I'll take Maddux. He's won 15 games every year since 1990...that will never be done again. What's amazing about both of these guys is how few times they've been hurt. Maddux has pitched at least 200 innings every year since 1988 except 2002 in which he pitched 199.1. That incredible. There was a strike year in there too don't forget. But the number one reason I go with Maddux is that they changed the strike zone to prevent him from getting that outside-outside corner. And my number one rule is: if they change the game b\c of you, you're a legend. So there it is, Maddux over Clemens.

One more thing...Most memorable moment:

Clemens - Beaning Piazza in the head, nearly killing him. Then later that season, throwing the sawed of portion of a broken bat back at Piazza. The look on Mike's face was the best. "wait, what, that's my bat, I should be mad...ok, now I'm mad"

Maddux - Leaving the Cubs, you fuck.

Pedro - Either coming in relief to shutdown the Indians for 5 or 6 innings in the 2001 playoffs to beat cleveland in a decisive game 5. Or...pitching a 9 inning perfect game that went into extra innings that he didn't get credit for.

Unit - Killing a bird with a pitch. The single greatest baseball moment of our lifetime. No doubt.


At 10:09 AM, July 11, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Some quality anal-cysting there from Dids, who has so kindly decided to grace us with just his fourth post in almost THREE MONTHS. That is UNACCEPTABLE.


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