Monday, June 27, 2005

The last post on “Star Wars,” I promise

Okay, I saw Revenge of the Sith, so this little project has come to a somewhat merciful end. The thing is, I didn’t really care enough about it one way or the other to post an ass-humpingly-huge review of it, as I have done for the previous entries -- but I will give a few thoughts. Ever since I saw it, when people have asked me what I thought of the film, I always respond the same way: "It was as good as George Lucas could make it." Quite simply, I don’t think much of the man as a storyteller, and, completely unsurprisingly, I found that I basically agreed 100% with a little review done by Sarah Bunting, one of the co-creators of TWoP. She explains much better and more eloquently than I could, what worked (most of the denouement montage) and didn’t quite work (the part where Vader, upon being told of Padme’s death, bellows "Noooooo!") about Sith, and why. Do yourself a minor favor and check it out. Overall, I found Sith to be a fairly enjoyable, mildly confounding, and ultimately relatively satisfying end to a series of movies that ... I ... I have just seen too many times. I mean, I’m a guy who noticed and appreciated a CGI Peter Cushing at the end of the movie, for Christ’s sake. There is 1 kind of person who gets that reference: a Nerd.


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