Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pointless Previews on a Saturday Morning!!

JoePa on a rope-ah. He sure is an excitable old man. Yes, I am currently watching GameDay, marinating in my terror over tonight's game. Mmm ... sweaty.

Short things to say on some games today:

Iowa at Purdue
Ah, the Disappointment Bowl. If I had told you that one of these two teams would have THREE losses hung on them before we were even halfway through the season, you'd have laughed in my face, and your breath probably would have grossed me out. These two teams have been so freaking bizarre, I literally haven't got a clue as to what's gonna happen in this game. Wait a second, Joe Tiller's coaching ... Okay, Purdue is gonna lose by 3, and probably in hilariously heartbreaking fashion. Yeah, really going out on a limb there.

Eely-Nwah at Indiana
Ah, the Todd Bowl. There isn't a chance in hell that anyone in the country gives a crap about this game, except for Todd. Shockingly, if Indiana wins this game, they've actually got a scrapping, fighting chance at a bowl game (I KNOW!). A win here gives the Loosiers 5 already, and they'd just have to sneak one out the rest of the way. The really really REALLY bad news: they finish the season thusly: @ Iowa, OSU, @ MSU, Minny, @ Michigan, Purdue. Yowsah. Maybe they shouldn't be thinking that much about a bowl. Also, Illinois has a football team, I guess.

'Sconsin at Northwestern
Everyone hee'd and haw'd about Purdue's weak-ass schedule before the season started, but it looks like the Badgers got an equally-ginormous break, as they miss OSU and MSU. Having already gotten Michigan out of the way, their biggest tests seem to be @ Minny, @ PSU, and Iowa at home. Don't look past this one, though: Wisky's lost two out of their last three against NW.

Meenay-hota at Michigan
Does anyone think Minny's got a shot in hell of winning this game? Did their losing spiral start a few weeks earlier than it usually does? I think you know The MWB's answer.

I can't believe how much everyone is talking about the receivers for each team. This game has 16-13 written all over it, with one huge play probably turning around and/or winning the game for one team. If we had Craig Krenzel, Purdue Jenkins, Mike Doss, and Der Kaiser, I'd feel pretty comfortable about that. Right now? Less confident, although the presence of The Vest does warm my giblets. We'll see what happens.

Speaking of close games like that, I have no idea how NC State won the other night. None. That was a classic NCSU loss-in-the-making, and then Gee Tech pulled an NCSU and handed them back the game. Inexplicable.

Oklahoma at Neutral Site (against Texas)
As I said to one of our five loyal readers, if Mack Brown doesn't waltz through the Big XII this year, he never ever ever never EVER will. That league opened up like a dimestore hooker for Texas, and if they can't take advantage of it, Brown should be fired. FIRED. Yeah, I said it. Again.

Texas Tech at Nebraska
Very interesting under-the-radar game. How will the Blackskirt defense respond, going up against a Red Raider offense that hung two-under-par on them last year? Is Texas Tech gonna be a legitimate threat to Tay-hass (because, if so, they're probably the only one, unless you really believe in A&M, which, by the way, I totally don't)?

By the way, I don't know how many times I've said over the years, "Boy College GameDay is great, but the thing that I think would REALLY take it up a notch is some jangly faux-country ditty that namedrops every program in the top 20." And then - BAM - ESPN accomodates me. It's good to be the king. Although - and I know you'll agree with me here - it would be much better to be hanging out with the Burger King. I love that guy.

UGA UGA UGA at Tennessee
I've seen some commentators compare the way Rick Clausen fires up the Vol offense to the way another QB did the same thing, even though his coach, too, thought that some other douchebag deserved the starting job more. Here's a hint: the other guy wore orange too. Here's another hint: Brent Musberger once said he was "in danger of becoming a legend." That's right folks, perennial MWB favorite MAJOR APPLEWHITE. Whew, I don't even care who wins this game, I've got half a stock just thinking about Major Applewhite again. Major Applewhite. Major Applewhite. Major Applewhite.


Oh, uh, Tennessee by 6.

Catch you later, 'mos.


At 12:04 PM, October 10, 2005, Blogger Torgonator said...


At 8:33 PM, October 10, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Ugh, indeed, good sir.

Todd and I were discussing it yesterday, and the most annoying thing about the game is that it played out almost exactly how I figured it would. Absolutely nothing about that game surprised me in the least.

Gotta regroup for Sparty now...

At 12:39 PM, October 11, 2005, Blogger Torgonator said...

Yep, I felt the same way. Every time something bad happened in the game, my reaction was simply, "yep."

I'm very rarely confident in my predictions of how a game will play out and as a result I don't tend to share my opinions on such matters unless I wrap them in thick layers of "I'm not really sure" and "I don't really know". But even I stated in a comment right here on that I didn't see any way that we could win this game. I was really hoping I would be wrong about this...


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