Friday, September 15, 2006

Thank you Mr. Sports Agent, but I already have a watch

So I'm painting the house yesterday, and I'm listening to the laptop-quality streaming audio of the Detroit sportstalk station I used to listen to. The show I really like was over, but it's follow-up show, Wetzel and the Gator, featuring Dan Wetzel of yahoo sports, a guy I had no clue was a Detroiter before he started this show a few months ago, is on. Wetzel is off in a studio in California, taking time out from working on some assignment for yahoo. And they're talking about college football. Out of nowhere, Wetzel asks something along the lines of "So what do you think would happen, hypothetically, to the point spread on that USC-Nebraska game this weekend if the news broke, sometime in the near future, about a major scandal at USC? Hypothetically?" This piqued my interest but was soon forgotten.

Then I (unfortunately) watched last night's debacle of a West Virginia-Maryland game. (Incidentally, SMQ has some great thoughts on it, including the big one about their offense that I think we all noticed but hadn't yet crystallized: White and Slaton are good and quick, but that OLine murders people. To death.)

At halftime Rece Davis comes on and says that yahoo sports is reporting that in his time at USC Reggie Bush received over $100,000 in improper benefits. Shocking, I know.

As per usual, EDSBS already has a fantastic take on the situation. Make your way over and read, post-haste!


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