Saturday, December 27, 2008

I forgets to make baskets!

Good lord! What the hell was that? Let's go straight to the stats starting with Diebler...and I'm NOT counting his last minute scrub time layup at the end of the game...

Diebler 1-9
Turner 4-17

...and hell, the team was 2-18 on 3's. Hmm, does that stat remind you of a certain important championship game?

Overall 31% from the field today and 10-19, 52% from the line, it's inexcusable. But I'll let the bad game slide. We had the nation's longest winning streak and sometimes I mess up (if you were on earlier you may have noticed how I stuck the wrong blog up here).

Florida State is beating the Badgers (yawn) in a blah blah blah speed, blah blah blah power game. Noteworthy...the SEC officials have screwed up multiple times in this one. Big big screwups, and I'm not even talking about the ignored holding.

So we're pretty much all suck at our picks too. The leaders are 1 game over .500 and I haven't had Internet in 3 days. We'll all get back on track this week.

One last thing I'd like to comment on. Apparently Tressel is going to use Boeckman and Pryor at the same time on certain plays. Now they might not be trick plays, or the main gameplan but why is that little nugget of information FLASHING ACROSS ESPN'S BOTTOM LINE EVER 2 MINUTES! WTF?! KEEP A SECRET! DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT WHEN YOU'RE THE UNDERDOG BUT KEEP IT A FUCKING SECRET, AT LEAST UNTIL YOU MAKE THE TRIP THERE!!! NOW TEXAS HAS 2 MORE WEEKS TO PREPARE AGAINST THIS ONLY CHANCE OF OUTSMARTING THEM!


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