Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sports Video Games And Their Tricks

In my constant failing attempts to get some feedback on this blog I'm inviting your contributions.
I was talking with a friend yesterday about the little tricks or bugs in the old video games. Please feel free to add yours and we'll compile a giant list.

Double Dribble: It was possible to hit a 3 pointer at the top corner of the screen by somehow banking in a running 3.

Tecmo Basketball: Miami Heat, John Sunvold's 3 point % was .996. He was pretty automatic.

Tecmo Bowl: Use Bo Jackson to run backward, get the whole defense to miss and then take off.

Giants "curl route" was impossible to stop.

Bears, could block almost every extra point with left tackle.

Tecmo Super Bowl: Any good nosetackle (Jerry Ball worked best), push down and slide to instant sack on most QB's (not Cunningham though!)

Atari Baseball: With multiple baserunners, do a hit and run, and baserunners will disappear and reappear safely on the next base (this always pissed my brother off).

There's a small start...please add your tricks. I know Elway had some weird one in a game I didn't have.


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